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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Everything You Need to Know About Monk Fruit Sweeteners

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Everything You Need to Know About Monk Fruit Sweeteners

Ever wondered why we turn to ice cream, cupcakes or any other kind of other sweets whenever something doesn’t go the way we wanted? If you guessed it’s because of what they’re made of, you’re correct! Sweets all share the same ingredient – sugar. It’s very interesting how humans have become attached to this sweetener, and if you are wondering – yes, there is science behind it.

Whenever we ingest sugar, a huge amount of dopamine is released into our bloodstream. In short, dopamine is responsible for making us feel happy, so it is proven that sugar has an effect on our brain similar to that of an addictive drug. This is exactly why it is very hard to stop consuming it.

However, as science evolved, we learned that sugar can have a bad effect on our health starting from obesity and diabetes to all sorts of heart problems. Thankfully we can turn to a healthy lifestyle anytime we choose. Exercising and eating well is good for a number of reasons, all you have to do is get motivated and start doing it!

Now, as mentioned above, sugar can be like a drug and it is very hard to remove it from our diet. Luckily, today we have a lot of healthy sugar substitutes that can replace sugar altogether. And since recently, the most popular one has been the monk fruit sugar extract. So, what is it exactly and how do you use it? Let’s see!

What Is Monk Fruit and How to Use It?

monk fruit

Monk fruit is a small round fruit that originates from the southern side of China. The name comes from the Buddhist monks who first encountered the green melon fruit in the Guilin mountains. They began to grow out and harvest the fruit to use it against coughs, sore throats or congestion. Today, monk fruit is used mainly as a sweetener – a healthy substitute for sugar. You can easily shop a range of sweeteners made from monk fruit Australia wide both at your local supermarket and online. But is monk fruit good for you?

Well, it has been found that the sugar extract from the monk fruit is ten times sweeter than regular sugar. Now, here’s the good part about it – it’s actually healthy. This is because the monk fruit sweetener does not contain sugars like fructose and glucose, instead they are removed during the processing of the fruit, which leaves one main ingredient – an antioxidant called mogroside. This antioxidant is the one responsible for the sweetness and the health benefits.

It is very easy to find a monk fruit sweetener in the market, but what’s hard is finding the actual fruit. The reason for this is that the fruit has to be processed from the moment it’s harvested, so it doesn’t lose its main taste and properties. So, you can just get to your local store and get yourself a processed monk fruit sweetener and you will be good to go! Now, let’s see how you can use it.

Incorporating Monk Sweetener Into Your Diet

monk fruit as a sweetener in tea

There are tons of ways you can include the sweetness and healthiness of monk fruit sugar into your daily intake. Here are a few ideas.

  • Use it as a tea or coffee sweetener;
  • As the perfect baking sugar substitute;
  • To add sweetness to your smoothie;
  • As the best breakfast sweetener;
  • For a homemade soda drink.

Besides putting it in your meals and beverages, you can even use it for cosmetic purposes, such as in a DIY body scrubbing mask or a facial exfoliant.

Benefits of Replacing Sugar With Monk Fruit

replacing sugar with monastic fruit

Since we have gone through the main ingredients of the monk sweetener, it’s pretty obvious that it is much more different than the regular sugar. It contains antioxidants that are great for our body and health, and it can still satisfy our sweet tooth. Let’s quickly take a look at the benefits that this sugar substitute has to offer:

  • Fights diabetes – The monk fruit sweetener is a great alternative to artificial sugars because it is all-natural and can be safely consumed by people who suffer from diabetes. This way, they can enjoy a sweet-tasting meal or drink without worrying.
  • Aids weight loss – Because it is very low on calories, fat or carbohydrates, you can lose weight without having to ditch sugar from your diet.
  • Anti-cancer properties – This sweetener contains powerful antioxidants called mogrosides which can help fight off various kinds of cancer.
  • May fight infections – Studies have shown that the ingredients in monk fruit have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well. This can help make your immune system stronger to fight off any unwanted infections.
  • Promotes heart health – Monk fruit contains antioxidants that prevent oxidizing of cholesterol. Oxidizing is the building up of cholesterol into plaque in the arteries and blood vessels, which can cause heart attacks or strokes.

Bottom Line

Overall, considering the bad effects sugar can have on your body, it is only crucial to let go of it or replace it with something a bit healthier. Thankfully, monk fruit isn’t going anywhere. As of now, you can get your sweeteners from monk fruit Australia suppliers offer whenever you want, and for a good price. Not only is it sweet, but it also helps you fight all kinds of diseases and promotes your healthy way of living. So, I’d encourage you to stop waiting and get your sweet tooth satisfied with the best healthy sweetener currently out there.

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