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RovyVon Flashlights: A Combination of Quality and Innovation


RovyVon Flashlights: A Combination of Quality and Innovation

RovyVon Aurora A8x LED Keychain Flashlight, 650 High Lumen XP-G3 Super Bright with EDC Mini Size, Micro USB Rechargeable

The creators of RovyVon are all avid outdoor lovers who work hard to create high-quality products to satisfy their customers’ needs. The company was created at the end of 2017, and it’s based in Shenzhen, China. Thanks to their senior designer Chen, who has more than ten years of experience designing outdoor products, we now have excellent, inexpensive, and cutting-edge EDC (everyday carry) gear.

The base that holds the company together is mutual respect and good communication skills to solve any possible problems and execute their best ideas. The products they offer on the market and the rate they’re selling them at is their motif to be more innovative and grow their business while keeping their customers happy.

Keychain Lights

We know how practical, easily portable, and helpful keychain lights can be. They’ll help you easily find objects in the dark such as keys, your telephone, some coins, and lost jewellery. With them, you’ll also feel more comfortable strolling in the middle of the night and better prepared for emergencies. This is where the compact RovyVon Aurora flashlight comes into play. It’s a series of flashlights starting from A1 to A11. The earlier designs of this model are very light, and the latest versions are upgraded with colourful keychain lights.

They all come with a different lumen output that ranges between 650-700 lumens. Manufacturers made a flawless, bright light with a nicer feel and the most accurate colours when they combined the CREE LED and Nichia LED. You can select from 4 different brightness settings to fit your needs during each use. There is also a single-button-operated strobe light available.

These flashlight series have a Micro USB cable that can complete a charge of the batteries in only 90 minutes. Since they are all stainless steel, they won’t be damaged by severe weather conditions like warmth, snow, or rain. Another benefit you get is the 1.5m impact-resistant warranty that will save you a lot of trouble. Now is the time to purchase a keychain light if you don’t already have one. Choose from the many colours and designs that Rovyvon offers.

Rovyvon Aurora A29 XP-L Keychain flashlight

EDC Lights

You undoubtedly have an EDC flashlight if you’re a practical and always prepared person. If not, now is the time to get one. The RovyVon lighting is unparalleled to the lighting we rely on from our phones when we need illumination. The distance that light can travel differs as well. Your phone flashlight will do for a couple of meters in front of you, but if you want a broader and longer range of about 120-150m, the EDC torch will provide it.

The output of the Aurora A25 and Aurora A23 torches is 1.000 lumens each. Additionally, the A23 has a strobe and an SOS light that can save lives in serious circumstances. Additionally, it has a single button on the side for simple control, and the A25 has a red or UV light on the opposing side. A 600mAh rechargeable battery powered by a Micro USB cord comes with both of them. There is an S3 torch that has a unique feature, a glass breaker. It may seem unusual, but it can be a real lifesaver if you’re stuck on a bus.

Rovyvon Aurora A29 Brass EDC

Work Lights

Work light can be convenient. They’re a great asset in every home and can help you in many situations, such as looking for something in the attic, changing a light bulb, fixing something in the basement or simply looking around the house for unwanted intruders. You can find many different work lights from RovyVon, each with unique features and settings.

The rectangular body form of the Angel Eyes E300S makes it distinctive among the others. Three GREE LED lights and two Nicha LED lights with a 2.000-lumen brightness are featured on it. What makes it more desirable is how versatile it is. You can use it as a carry light, bike light or pocket light. It weighs just 96g and has 101×36.7×17.3 dimensions. Other great features are the charging indicator, thermal control sensor and dual switch.

The S2 Elite is the big dog in this class. It is an incredibly potent torch with a 10.000-lumen output and a great beam distance of 600m. It also has a red-light mode, spot, and flood light. Thanks to the clear digital display, you can always check the battery level and charging status. This one is much bigger than the RovyVon Aurora flashlight and can fast charge other devices on its battery. Plus, it has a magnet that can be very helpful sometimes. This is a fantastic flashlight for emergencies such as search and rescue or law enforcement.

Rovyvon Angel Eyes flashlight E300S

Bike Lights

Apart from being illuminated while walking and working, you can now buy RovyVon to be illuminated when you ride a bike. The Fenix BC26R is an ultra-bright, rechargeable light that will light your way in the city and in the woods. It has a power of 1600 lumen and a beam that reaches 160m ahead, giving you a clear view of everything that awaits. There is a 100-degree wide-angle that will let you pass any curve without wondering if there’s an obstacle on the way. The new 5000mAh battery can last for about 65h during your rides. You can either replace or recharge the battery in 4h.

The Fenix BC30R takes about five hours to charge, and the charging cable can also be used on other devices. It’s dustproof and waterproof, which is a great asset to have. The metal housing design makes it safer and more stable than the rest. It weighs 221g and has 114×50.5×31.8mm dimensions making it compact and easily transportable. It has 1800 lumens, 161m beam distance and a 120-degree wide light angle. Using the upward beam reflection gives you a long-range illumination, similar to cars.

fenix bike light

In Summary

As technology advances, every company should follow its movement and update its products just as RovyVon does. Its owners and production team work tirelessly to find new ways to improve these products to make their customers happy.

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