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Surviving the Cold: Essential Hunting Gear for the Winter Season


Surviving the Cold: Essential Hunting Gear for the Winter Season

While hunting in the warmest time of the year is more pleasant, practice shows that wintertime is basically the best season for hunting. This is the time when there’s less foliage, so animals cannot hide themselves that well. Plus, the water shortage in times of deep freeze makes animals come out of their hiding spots to find water and food. 

And since winter is the best time for hunting, you certainly need to keep yourself warm and cosy when hunting in winter. Staying prepared is key to having a pleasant and successful hunt. Aside from stocking on the right hunting weapon, it would help if you also thought about stocking yourself with some other essentials.



What Are the Best Boots for Cold Weather Hunting?

Boots are the most essential type of footwear you should own in winter. The hunter winter boots offer excellent support, feel comfortable on the feet, and keep your feet warm and dry all the time. The chosen pair should be well-insulated to provide you with the needed protection and support. 

The chosen pair of hunting winter boots should also offer ankle support to protect your joints when having to move heavy loads, like the game for instance. The sole of these boots should be flexible, especially around the ball area when you move. This will make you feel comfortable and will prevent any stiffness that you can feel when wearing too stiff soles. 

Speaking of soles, make sure the sole of your boots is thick and has a good grip which is essential when walking under rainy and snowy circumstances. When it comes to choosing the right size, practice shows that it is better to opt for one size up. This is essential so that you can put on a thicker pair of socks and still have enough room to wiggle your toes. 

Feeling free and comfortable while wearing those boots is essential to feel warm all the time. Too tight boots will prevent free blood flow which will lead to having cold feet, and this is something that you really don’t want to experience. The chosen pair of hunting boots should make you feel comfortable and good while wearing them. 

Any discomfort you might be feeling (whether related to the size or the model) should be a sign that you should look for another model. In the end, you’re supposed to spend a lot of hours wearing them, so choosing a proper fit is paramount if you want to have a successful hunt. And lastly, make sure the chosen pair of boots is waterproof and water-resistant. This is essential especially when hunting in snowy and rainy weather conditions.



The second most important thing you should think of when shopping for winter hunting gear is apparel. The chosen clothing pieces are crucial when it comes to feeling comfortable and warm during your winter hunts which is why you should choose them wisely. When shopping for them, first, you should think about layering. 

Layering allows you to throw on more clothes in order to adapt better to the changing weather conditions. That being said, if it gets too cold, you can simply add another layer of clothing piece on your body and vice versa, if it gets too hot, you can just take something off to adjust your body temperature. Knowing this means that you should pick adequate base layers, the purpose of which is to provide extra warmth and to remove sweat from your body. Ideally, you should look for ones made from wool. 

You should also choose mid-layers made from fleece for instance, as they can provide you with warmth and insulation. They are great for blocking wind and cold in winter. And lastly, you should also choose outer layers in the form of waterproof and water-resistant jackets and pants. They are perfect for keeping you warm and dry all the time regardless of the weather conditions.

First Aid Kits

Aside from food and extra clothing, your hunting backpack should also be stocked with a first aid kit. Staying prepared all the time is essential when hunting, so make sure to stock yourself with everything from different kinds of medications, bandages and gauzes to tweezers, wound closure strips, and so on. Don’t forget to pack an emergency headlamp and torch which will help you illuminate your way and send a signal in case you need help. Water bottles, bladders or water filters are essential for staying hydrated and having a safe water source all the time.


The last but not least thing you can stock on is the scope. This essential hunting tool will help you enhance shooting accuracy and provide you with a magnified view of the target, no matter the distance. Scopes come in a range of types and sizes, so make sure to do your research and find the one that will suit your needs.

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