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10 Summer Clothing Essentials for Little Girls


10 Summer Clothing Essentials for Little Girls

Yes, don’t hesitate to explore the huge range of little girl T-shirts for the next summer season and find the cutest pieces.

We all want only the best for our little ones and their clothes are not an exception. But when it comes to choosing the right clothes for little girls, it’s not uncommon for parents to hesitate what to choose and end up splurging on unnecessary pieces their little ones will never wear.

Truth be told, toddlers need a few extra clothes to keep them comfy and dry, especially in the hot season. But, if you want to save yourself from spending a bunch of money on something you’ll never dress your little one in, it’s important to choose smart. This is why we made a list of the 10 essential summer clothing pieces every toddler girl really needs.

Cute Little Girl T-Shirts

If there’s something that will keep your princess comfy through the hot summer days, that’s undoubtedly cozy and light tees. So, yes, don’t hesitate to explore the huge range of little girl T-shirts for the next summer season and find the cutest pieces. Not only are they perfect to be worn alone, but you can always layer them with a cute denim jacket or cardigan when it gets breezy or when the sun goes down.


But when buying little girls tees and t-shirts, don’t forget comfort and functionality. For instance, cotton fabrics are always recommended – they are comfy, breathable and hypoallergenic, which means cotton won’t cause any irritations and allergic reactions on your toddler’s delicate skin.

But aside from choosing the comfiest option, have in mind that it also won’t be hard to find many different toddler girl shirts designs, so your girl will always be dressed stylishly. So, make sure you choose a couple of tees with cute prints or quotes and a bunch of pastel pink and yellow plain ones to add interesting pops of colours to your girl’s outfits. Stripped shirts are also a must-have since they go well with everything – jeans, skirts, leggings, etc.

Pull-On Leggings

Pull-on leggings are the ultimate clothing essential since what else will keep your little one comfy during her playtime or casual walks at the park? They’re also great to be worn under cute little skirts or with an adorable tunic for many occasions, so make sure you have them in bulk.


If you’re wondering why exactly the pull-on ones, have in mind that they’re the comfiest option for kids. They are very easy and quick to pull on and off and don’t have any complex snaps, buttons and zippers that can additionally make the dressing process more difficult. You can also use them for layering during the colder season without having a bunch of annoying “ornaments” on your way, which makes these leggings essential not only for summer but for every season.

So, make sure you choose plenty of different colours and designs, and you’ll never struggle with dressing your little princess again, whatever the occasion may be.

Shorts and Skirts

A couple of cute shorts and skirts are also a must-have for your little princess since they look adorable and are perfect for various occasions. Buy a couple of colourful or printed cotton shorts and denim skirts to pair them with the cute and simple little girls blouses and tees we mentioned before.

Suspender skirts and the popular “skorts” are also a very stylish, yet comfy option and go with literally anything. They go well with cotton tees for casual occasions to cute shirts and tops with bows and other stylish details.



Rompers are an essential part of every toddler’s wardrobe, and there’re many reasons behind this. First of all, what can be comfier than wearing a little cotton romper for the day-long running and playing adventures around your house? Plus, these pieces of clothing will save you a lot of time spent pairing different pieces in the mornings. Rompers also come in many different designs – from the baggy floral designs to the tight simple jumpsuits you can combine with a cute pair of sneakers or sandals for different occasions.

Frocks and Dresses

Same as rompers, cute frocks and dresses are the perfect clothing items to reduce the endless laundry loads and limit the decision-making and the fuzzy dressing time for the mornings when you’re late for the nursery or any other kinds of events your little one attends. And aside from this, I doubt there’s a little princess who refuses to wear cute pink or printed frocks and dresses- they can even help you choose and put on their outfit when it comes to these little clothing items.

You’ll find many different styles and designs every little girl loves. From the simplest pastel tones to the cutest sunflower and cherry designs or the most stylish denim models with adjustable straps to pair with the cutest little girls t-shirt in your princess’s wardrobe.

A Lightweight Jacket

Regardless of the climate in your area, toddlers are in their development phase and their immune system isn’t as strong as yours. This means that even if you’re not feeling cold, the chances for your little one to easily catch a cold or get a runny nose are high, especially for the breezier summer nights. So make sure you always carry a little lightweight jacket regardless of where you go.


But when choosing a light jacket for your little one, the fabric’s comfort and breathability are on top of the list of important features, so make sure you go for lightweight cotton or polyester materials. Not only will they provide the comfiest experience for your little one, but as we mentioned before, they’re hypoallergenic and 100% safe for your baby girl’s delicate skin.

A Pair of Quality Shoes

We all know that choosing a good pair of shoes for toddlers can be a daunting task, especially for the hot summer season when we all tend to sweat, and little children are not an exception at all. So, if you’re wondering what’s the pair of shoes that’s good for your toddler’s feet and will save you a bunch of money for the other weather seasons too, that’s undoubtedly a pair of good sneakers.

But, before you invest your money into something your little princess will refuse to wear, make sure you always choose with her comfort on your mind. As we already said, toddlers are in their development phase, and they need a good walking surface to support their muscles, bones and ligaments.

So, aside from making sure that they comfortably fit your little one’s length, width and toes, take notice of the sneakers’ construction. Shoes for toddlers should have a solid heal construction, a flexible and flat sole that can bend near the toes and straps or fasteners to prevent untying laces and accidentally stumbling.


Also, don’t forget to pick a gorgeous design. White sneakers are in fashion this season again, and aside from that, you can pair them with literally everything- from the cute colourful rompers and dresses to the denim skirts for occasions or comfy leggings and shirts for every day.

A Cute Swimsuit

If you’re planning a family trip or you simply live close to the shore, then a cute little swimsuit is a must-have for your little girl. Not only are they perfect to take cute Insta shots of your little one having a great time at the beach, but they’ll also cover some parts of its delicate skin and protect it from the dangerous UV lights.

But when choosing cute swimsuits for your baby girl, make sure you skip the one-piece ones, since they’ll give you a hard time at the bathroom breaks, especially if your girl is still potty training. Also, don’t forget to skip the tight waistbands and straps as well as choose cotton or polyester fabrics that won’t rash, irritate or leave red marks on your little girl’s delicate skin.

A Sunhat

Talking about UV protection, there’s nothing that can protect your little one’s facial skin as a cute light sunhat. The ones that come with ties under the chin are ideal to give you peace of mind that your girl won’t drop her cute little accessory while wandering around, but make sure that they are longer than 15 cm to prevent any strangulation hazards.


And same as the clothing pieces, make sure you go for cotton fabrics again. Not only will they let your little one’s skin breathe and keep out of moisture, but there are also a plethora of adorable designs that can be combined with many pieces from her wardrobe.


Finally, sunglasses are not just a cute and stylish detail to make a little Insta photo session of your lovely girl, but they can also protect her eyes from the UV rays. Also, even if you put the cutest pair of sunglasses on your princess, never go out without the proper kids’ sunscreen.

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