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Choosing the Right Clothes for Your Baby Girl


Choosing the Right Clothes for Your Baby Girl

Baby girl button dress

Today, shopping for kids’ clothes is no different than shopping for adults. There are a variety of brands that make clothes for children, starting from size 0. Yes, you can even be picky about how to dress a baby girl. We have many brands that are dedicated to creating infant clothes that look good, feel good, and above all, are made from the best materials. And since you want only the best for your precious angel, here’s a guide on what you should pay attention to when choosing clothes.

A Dress for Any Occasion

Baby dress

The most comfortable piece of clothing for a baby girl is a dress. It’s breathable, allows her to move freely and you can change her diaper more easily. That being said, you’d probably want to focus on buying quality baby dresses. It can help to have a collection of different dresses that your baby can wear at home, at the beach, for a special occasion or when you are taking a walk. Since being a mum means having to multi-task, dresses are great outfit choices that you can always turn to when you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to find a matching top and bottoms.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wide spectrum of baby dresses available for you to buy. Denim dresses, lace dresses, baby girl overall, short sleeve, long sleeve, the list is quite long. Despite the beautiful design, the dresses should be comfortable, because you want nothing less for your little loved one. And on that note, here are some helpful details about picking the right fabrics.

Choosing the Right Fabrics

Cotton baby dress

The material has to be compatible with the baby’s sensitive skin. Having that in mind, you’ll want natural, even organic fabrics, rather than synthetic or recycled ones. Also, keep in mind that there are naturally antibacterial options, and buying clothes made from that kind of material is a great idea. You don’t want anything that can irritate the skin of your newborn.

Also, depending on the season, you should choose the thickness of the material. Nothing too thick or too thin. Consider the weight of the fabric, and try to stick to light-weight materials that will feel more comfortable for your little one.

Here are the most commonly used fabrics in the production of baby clothes. It’s advisable to always read and know what the clothes are made of before making the purchase.


Cotton is a really soft fibre that is used to create yarn, from which materials and clothes are being made. Cotton can be dyed in many different colours and has a high resistance to temperatures. One of its best-known qualities is that it absorbs and releases moisture quickly. This makes it the perfect choice for babies who drool, sweat and get wet easily.

If chemicals are excluded from the growth and production process, then the cotton is organic and even healthier. Clothes made from organic cotton fabric are soft, easy to wash and maintain and feel good on the skin. Fun fact: Organic cotton is also used in the production of baby diapers because it’s sustainable and hypoallergenic.


This fabric is made from cotton fibre, and usually, is considered a very strong clothing option. If you’ve ever had a denim jacket, you know that it can make it hard to move. But in the case of making newborn dresses and other baby clothes, a softer version of denim is being used that stretches easily, allowing for freedom of movement. You can find a variety of denim colours, from very light to very dark shades. You can even find denim knit that is extra soft and provides exceptional comfort.


This one is a synthetic fibre that’s used as a blend with other materials, for example, cotton-polyester blends. Those kinds of blends are usually strong, they don’t wrinkle, won’t tear easily and most importantly, they don’t shrink. It’s a great option if you don’t want all the clothes of your baby to get a size smaller gradually with washing.


The main purpose of this fabric is to make the clothes more elastic. This is an important feature when you buy baby dresses and clothes because you don’t want the clothes to be too tight and uncomfortable for your baby. Cotton-elastane blends are considered a really good option.


A synthetic silky material, nylon is mostly used as a blend. It has a high resistance to heat and it’s strong, tough and, elastic. Usually, very small percentages of this material are being used in the blend, and it provides the overall product elasticity and lightness.


A lightweight material that feels soft to touch, viscose is also known as artificial silk. It has a relatively low price and is especially good for making dresses and blouses. It’s not completely natural nor synthetic, rather something in between. It’s similar to cotton and can be of very high quality if produced right.

Bamboo Rayon

This is a fabric made out of bamboo trees, it’s renewable and natural. The whole process has evolved over the years, and now you can buy bamboo rayon fabric that is soft to the touch and feels really pleasant on the skin. Due to this, for many bamboo is the ideal fabric. And organic cotton, it too is used in cloth diaper production. Plus, it has anti-bacterial properties and thermo-regulating stability, which makes it an optimal choice for your infant. It’s better to use clothes made from bamboo rayon in spring or summer when it’s warmer outside because it helps maintain temperature and your baby won’t feel overly hot.

Comfort and Functionality Over Everything

Comfortable and functional baby dress

Now that you know the different fabric options available, you can make a more informed choice. Since natural baby products are the best option for little ones, you’d probably want to stick to natural fabrics as well like bamboo and cotton. But to ensure utmost comfort you should also pay attention to size. Babies grow and develop fast, so buying clothes that are a size bigger means that they can be used for longer. Slightly bigger clothes that don’t wrap around the baby’s skin also provide extra comfort and wiggle-room.

Additionally, all of the baby clothes should be designed in a way that will be easy for you to put them on and take them off. That means buying clothes with zippers, buttons, or made from very elastic materials. You don’t want to stress your baby while changing her clothes. Additionally, that will save up a lot of your time and nerves.

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