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The Story of Bamboo as an Ideal Fabric


The Story of Bamboo as an Ideal Fabric

Nowadays, when we’re finally becoming more aware of the dangers of not maintaining a well-balanced diet, providing us with the right amount of nutrients, and not getting enough exercise time, it’s also become the time to become more aware that optimal well-being doesn’t have only to do with these two aspects.

Where else could toxins possibly be hiding? Why, your bedding, clothing, and towels of course! It’s not surprising bamboo material as the base for bedding, clothing, and towels has grown to be so popular lately, and it’s a trend you’d like to catch up on. Though we all know the rough outside of bamboo, as a fabric it’s known for its silky softness, and the comfort it provides. Yes, sweet dreams are made of sleeping on bamboo bedding!

When used for the production of fabrics, the bamboo material doesn’t go through the chemical processes other materials do, mainly because of its natural ability to protect itself throughout growth from pests, and the weather. This in turn makes it possible to create eco-friendly products that are beneficial for people as much as they are for the environment (bamboo is biodegradable).

Now, when I say beneficial I mean a scope of things, or rather properties of bamboo which make it the superior fabric it is. One of them as mentioned earlier is softness, thanks to its smooth fibres, which is why it doesn’t make for skin irritation, something people with allergies would highly appreciate. It’s no surprise it’s ideal for the delicate baby skin too.

Another property adding to this is the fact bamboo is antibacterial, thanks to wicking moisture (i.e. the highly absorbent properties superior even to those of cotton). What this means is, unlike other fabrics, when sleeping on bamboo, or wearing it, even when sweating, there’s no ground for bacteria growth. Along with this it’s a fabric that has its way with regulating the temperature, a property that makes it suitable year round as it makes for warmth in winter, and cooling in summer.

Speaking of summer, we know how scorching sun can be in the Land Down Under, so counting on UV protection to get by the unbearable days of this season we can rest assured wearing bamboo ought to give us the peace of mind we need. As long as it’s properly taken care of, and maintained well, bamboo products can be timeless – think of this as another reason why this makes such a valuable investment.

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