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Home Makeover is Incomplete without Outdoor Area Consideration: Creating a Cosy Balcony

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Home Makeover is Incomplete without Outdoor Area Consideration: Creating a Cosy Balcony

Though often left out of the home makeover plans, the outdoor area has plenty to offer when it comes to comfort as well. Usually people who don’t have a spacious outdoor area are those who mostly consider it as an afterthought – I know because I was one of them!

After getting over that, I can say it doesn’t matter the size of the outdoor area, you can still work wonders with the space you have, as in my case a balcony. A lesson I learned was what makes a space appealing, and valuable, is comfort and that’s what the carefully chosen furniture, like the outdoor wood table, can do.

Since it’s the outdoors, you probably would look for something sturdy and durable, to stand the test of time, and the weather conditions. That’s what I let lead me through the purchase of outdoor wood table, and ended up choosing the teak option. As a material, teak is a wood that ages gracefully, and its weather and infestation resistant properties are sure to win you over, as it happened with me.

Having in mind it’s able to withstand extreme environments, it doesn’t require that much maintenance, or worry for that matter! Not being sure I’d find the right size of table, for my small balcony, without cramming the space, I did a bit of search online first, and was amazed by the results as I could easily look through the specifications of tables, read through the measurements, check colour, and material, and finish the purchase in an instant.

Now I have the perfect focal point for the area (a small teak round table), and I haven’t stopped spending time at my lovely balcony ever since. Surprisingly, it didn’t cover up much of the space, so I even had the chance to add a pair of matching chairs to complete the décor. A word of advice is if you don’t have enough elbow or leg space, don’t buy chairs, go for bean bags, or a folding bench instead.

The finishing touches of my balcony makeover included the addition of colour and vibrancy in the form of cushions for my chairs, a small table piece (but not too big to cover the beauty of teak), dimmable LED lights, and of course, plants – lots and lots of plants.

I don’t have to tell you it’s become such an inviting home area, as cosy and inviting as my living room. Whenever I can, I sit out enjoying a cup of coffee, either watching the sunrise, or the magical starry sky at night, reading books, eating meals, and finishing off work-related tasks outdoors.

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