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Our Tips on Buying the Best Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

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Our Tips on Buying the Best Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

Few things feel more inviting than a beautifully arranged outdoor area. Besides the landscaping aesthetics, our outdoor spaces are becoming functional extensions of our homes. They’re now extra rooms that naturally become our first and favourite choice when lounging, entertaining and dining. And, thoughtful planning and buying the proper outdoor furniture can make them even more attractive, luring us into spending some time in the fresh outside air.


Whether you’re doing a makeover or starting fresh in decorating your outdoor area, buying the best furniture can help you use the space to its fullest potential. You may think you’ve mastered interior design, so this should be a piece of cake. Although buying patio furniture is similar to buying indoor furniture, you should know that outdoor spaces come with some special considerations. But before you get overwhelmed by the many materials, styles and design choices, take a look at our tips and make your purchase easy and enjoyable.

1. Analyse Your Needs

The best place to start before choosing furniture for your outdoor area is to analyse your needs and what you will use it for. When searching online, you’ll come across a wide range of both residential and commercial outdoor furniture Australia made pieces. Checking them out might give you some ideas of what your space needs. If you aren’t determined yet, here are some of our suggestions.

Dining Area

If you often host dinner parties with your family and friends, you’ll make the most out of your outdoor area if you turn it into an al-fresco dining room. You can also use this space for your everyday family meals, and it can be easily turned into a home office in a couple of steps. 


For an outdoor dining area, it’s best to buy a complete dining set. Depending on the size of the space and your personal needs, you can choose from 5, 7, or 9 pieces setting and up. Such include a dining table and dining chairs. If you don’t find a suitable set, you can make your own by choosing a separate table and chairs. You can even choose different designs for a unique look. If you have a bigger space, you can choose a round table, as it’s highly versatile. It goes as well for two people as it does for 10. A long rectangle table will do best if you have a narrower space. 

If you like your parties more casual, opt for a comfortable lounge area. Coffee tables and chairs may be better for small spaces as they usually don’t take as much space as the dining sets. Another option is a bar with bar stools. Cheers to many summer cocktail nights!

Lounge Area

You can quickly turn your patio or deck into your second living room with the right outdoor lounge sofa. If you don’t have enough space, two recline chairs and a mini coffee table can work like magic and ensure you hours of relaxation and enjoyment. A small garden corner can become your reading spot oasis. You need some planters and a lounge bed. And a poolside can’t go without a comfy sunbed with a side table and umbrella.


2. Consider Your Weather

Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of materials both for body and seating. Choosing the suitable materials for your weather conditions can make your outdoor furniture last longer. Hot and dry weather can make wood crack and splinter, while too much moisture can promote rot. Strong winds require bulkier and heavier materials that won’t get blown off. Iron may be heavy enough, but it won’t last up in salty air climates. And the sun does the most damage of all: it discolours paint, bleaches wood and fabrics and degrades synthetic materials. 

So, what furniture holds up best outdoors? Outdoor furniture should be designed explicitly for outdoor use. This means that it should be made of high-quality materials. Such are heavy-duty powder-coated aluminium for the furniture body or frame, water-resistant fabrics for the cushions, and UV stabilised materials like wicker. Although big stores and supermarkets often sell outside furniture, you won’t find such commercial grade furniture there. Instead, search for trusted suppliers that specialise in selling commercial outdoor furniture Australia wide. Such stores not only have a wide range to offer, but you’ll find some high-quality pieces that will serve you for years.

3. Consider Storage for Your Outdoor Furniture

Creating a space to store your outdoor furniture is as important as choosing suitable materials. Only that way it will stay protected from the elements and last long. If you have a garage or a shed, consider storing them when they’re not used, such as during the winter months. If you don’t have enough storage space, consider buying collapsible furniture and protective covers. That way, it can stay protected although left outside.

Go for Easy-Care Furniture Pieces

4. Go for Easy-Care Furniture Pieces

If you want to spend your outside hours lounging and relaxing instead of cleaning, go for easy-care garden furniture. Most materials made for outside are forgiving and can go through a lot of wear and tear. Opt for metal, teak, and all-weather wicker pieces that will stand up to any condition with a bit of regular cleaning. As for the cushions, select removable cases made of machine-washable fabrics. That way, you can toss them in the machine for a quick wash, and there you go, the cleaning’s done.

5. Accessorise for Cosiness

Once you’ve chosen the best outdoor furniture for your outdoor area, don’t forget to complete the look. Consider light scaping with amazing outdoor lights, and throw some outdoor rugs for a soft touch and warm feel. A hanging chair can give your space a lift if you have the space. There’s no such thing as too many pillows, so if your space lacks cosiness, you can always buy or DIY more cushions. Make them colourful and let them match the rest of your outdoor space. 


Since your outdoor area is often separated from the indoor, you can create a look that matches your interior design, or you can go for something completely different. Contrasted design can charmingly create cohesion. You’ll also get to fulfil your wishes about a design you were too afraid to develop inside while making your outdoor space look fantastic. Everybody wins.

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