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Beachy Vibes: 4 Ways to Incorporate Coastal Elements in Your Bedroom Design

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Beachy Vibes: 4 Ways to Incorporate Coastal Elements in Your Bedroom Design

Imagine experiencing the calming sensation of a gentle sea breeze every time you enter your bedroom or warm sunlight streaming through airy curtains. Sure, you may not be able to exactly replicate the feeling of being on a beautiful coastal vacation, but you can definitely bring some aspects of it into your bedroom with a coastal-style design.

This particular decor style can bring some of the signature elements of the beach and ocean into your sleep space, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Not only can this help you relax and destress, but it can also make your bedroom feel like a tranquil space to unwind in.

What Is a Coastal-Style Bedroom?

Hamptons-style bedroom with furniture in blue colours

The name itself says it all, a coastal bedroom is all about having lots of light colours and beachy details that can help you achieve that beachy vibe. A bedroom of this kind should contain lots of white, different hues of blue and sandy neutral hues of colour, however, seeing hints of green, yellow and soft pink is also an option but only when used wisely.

Nowadays, achieving all of this is super easy because you can add coastal hints to your bedroom through many things. Even if the colour palette is limited, you can easily improve its look and feel the breeziness just like living at the beach.

Ways to Create a Coastal Bedroom

Transforming your space into a calming coastal-style bedroom oasis can be easily done with a large selection of bedroom furniture and accessories. Out of all, it seems that the Hamptons style furniture pieces and accessories are among the most preferred because of their captivating appearance, clean lines and simplicity.

Change the Bed Head

The easiest, most eye-catching and obvious change you can make to your bedroom to create a beachy vibe is changing the bedhead. When choosing a brighter, bolder, and coastal-inspired headboard you can bring a sense of breeziness to it without compromising the main goal – achieving a coastal-inspired bedroom.

Aside from the wicker, rattan and wooden-inspired headboards, you can also choose from the upholstered ones made from linen which is perfect for adding that needed coastal touch to your room. The latter can bring both elegance and style to it without compromising on the style. The range of these stunning pieces of furniture is huge, allowing you to choose the right model, size, material and colour.

Upholstered headboards can also be a great way to incorporate coastal patterns and motifs, such as stripes, warm-toned colours, or nautical symbols. This adds a subtle yet effective touch to your decor, with the added bonus of being able to easily switch up your bedding and accessories to change the look whenever you want.

You could also include a few cushions in different textures, including ones with a nautical or beach-inspired design. This adds depth and dimension to your bed, which in turn makes it feel more inviting and cosy. You don’t necessarily have to stick to traditional coastal colours like blue and white, but incorporating them in subtle ways can add a touch of seaside charm to your space.

Coastal Wall Art

bedroom with coastal artwork on the wall

Bringing the feeling of summer and beach into your home is also possible with the use of wall art. If you aren’t keen on the idea of applying wallpaper or repainting the walls of your bedroom, you can easily adorn them with artwork. According to stylists, charming and well-designed coastal wall art pieces can evoke serenity in your home while giving you that cheeriness because of their beachy motives.

The choice of such artworks is huge, and now, you can even choose art prints that feature iconic Australian nature. Aside from choosing art that contains palm trees, boats and other beach-inspired things with hues of green, white and blue, you can also consider the idea of investing in modern abstract beach art. Instead of sticking strictly to these basic colours, you can enter the world of abstract things and pick something that contains hues of soft pastels and warm colours in pink, red, sand and turquoise hues.

The choice of beach-inspired artwork is huge which gives you the freedom to mix and match different pieces in your bedroom. However, when searching for the right pieces, make sure not to forget about the bedroom’s colours because this is essential for creating the perfect balance. The last thing to have in mind is to take into account the artworks’ frames. The chosen ones shouldn’t only meet the artworks themselves but also the entire bedroom, especially the furniture’s colour.

Regarding their placement, quite commonly they are placed above the headboard, however, seeing them on the rest of the walls isn’t strange at all. Regardless of the wall you want to place them on, make sure to follow some of the most basic do’s and don’ts of displaying art in a bedroom. Following the rules is crucial for improving the look of your bedroom and taking it to the next level.

Invest in New Furniture Pieces

When speaking of this bed area, you really shouldn’t forget about the bedside tables in your room. These small furniture pieces are basically the focal point of the room because they are located next to the bed, so choosing them wisely is essential in order to accomplish your mission of creating a beachy-inspired bedroom. You can also consider the idea of changing the dressing table and any side tables and chairs if they don’t match the beachy look you want to achieve.

If your current furniture pieces are wooden and quite close in style to the thing you want to achieve, you can just repaint them in some fresh and light neutral colour and achieve the needed style. You can also sand them to remove any paint from them and leave them to show their natural beauty in their unique hues of brown that cannot be achieved with any paint.

Install Wallpaper

Those of you who are drawn to make some bigger changes without the fear of making a mistake should certainly consider the idea of adding beachy-inspired wallpaper. You can choose from the large selection of wallpapers – including neutral and light ones to bolder and dark-coloured options. In case you decide to choose a darker one, make sure the rest of the details in your room are lighter. This is essential for not ruining the one thing you’re after – a beach-inspired bedroom.

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