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Infuse Texture and Charm into Your Home Walls with Abstract Art Prints

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Infuse Texture and Charm into Your Home Walls with Abstract Art Prints

Infusing life and texture into any wall in your home can be done without dealing with the messiness that comes from repainting the walls in other colours or adding wallpapers. Instead, this can be easily achieved with the help of art prints. These printed pieces have the ability to bring together the elements of a room, becoming the focal point in most cases. They are the perfect ally with which you can add a breath of fresh air to your living room, hallway, bedroom or literally any room in your home. The right type of artwork can make a powerful impact and create the most appealing ambience.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of prints artwork available, enabling you to pick a piece that draws your attention the most. While representational art with images and pictures was one of the main types of art before the 19th century, it was in 1870 when abstract art appeared in Europe known under the name Impressionism that consisted of abstract images.

What Is Abstract Art?


Abstract art is a type of art that has no recognisable objects and subjects and is identified by its lack of non-representational forms at its core. Abstract art prints consist of lines, shapes and colours which create a visual appeal without having an exact image and shape. Being so readily available these days, you can simply go online and pick the prints that will help instantly jazz up the walls in your home.

Benefits of Adding Abstract Art Prints in Your Home

Versatile Pieces of Artwork

When it comes to choosing prints artwork, abstract ones are surely one of the best ways to add colour and texture to a room. Having no actual shape and containing no particular object or image makes these art prints one of the most versatile pieces so far. They can be used literally in each and every room in your home, allowing you to mix and match different pieces and change their places in case you become bored with their look.

Great for Showing Off Your Personal Style

Just like any other piece of art print, these ones also allow you to express your unique style and personality. The selection of abstract prints is huge, so you can easily create a unique and stylish wall full of appealing and eye-catching art.

Easy on the Pocket Wallprints

Being available in a printed form and online makes these artwork pieces pocket-friendly. All it takes is to do research and find a store that offers quality art prints made from quality materials and dyes.

Widely Available

With the rise of online galleries and stores these days, finding the right piece/s for your home would be a piece of cake. All it takes is doing thorough research in order to find a trusted store that sells quality art pieces. There are many digital art stores that can provide you with an extensive selection of abstract art prints that won’t break the bank.

How to Choose the Right Wall Art Print for Your Home?


Think About the Style

Well, this might be one of the most important things you should take in mind first, since the choice of art print styles is huge, especially the abstract ones. That being said, you should take into account the colours, shapes and textures of the art and try to match them with the existing room’s décor and style. Just don’t be afraid to mix and match different colours and textures, all it takes is to make sure that they match.

Consider the Art’s Size

Each and every type and style of art comes in different sizes, so it’s of vital importance to consider the room size you’re planning to hang the art. For instance, if the room you’re planning to hang art in is larger, you should certainly consider the idea of hanging larger wall art and vice-versa, smaller art in smaller rooms.

The size of the print can also depend on the room’s shape. For instance, narrower spaces will look better by hanging vertical paintings, and wider rooms will look better with wider/horizontal paintings.

When it comes to placing the painting, you should follow the general rule which says that the chosen piece should cover about 65 – 70% of the available wall space. In case you plan to hang the painting above a piece of furniture, then the painting should be about 75 – 80% of the width of the furniture beneath it. One thing is certain, whatever type of art you choose and whenever you plan to hang it, the chosen piece/s will help you express your yourself, show off your personality and most importantly, improve the look of your home without making any major effort.

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