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Modern Classic Home Style: How to Create the Timeless Look

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Modern Classic Home Style: How to Create the Timeless Look

The European classic interior house design has its roots in European culture and draws inspiration from various styles such as Victorian, Art Deco, Greek, and Roman. The result you get when you combine this classic design with modern design is the European modern classic interior design. If this sounds like your jam, learn more about this style and how to incorporate it into your home.

What Is Modern Classic Interior Style?

The Modern Classic style, also known as Modern Traditional, is a harmonious fusion of modern and traditional elements, resulting in a timeless aesthetic. It combines the sleek and uncomplicated lines of contemporary design with traditional furniture, finishes, and accessories to contemporise the past.

This design style beautifully contrasts modern and traditional elements to create a cohesive whole. It predominantly features neutral colours, occasional pops of colour and simple patterns such as stripes, vintage designs, or solid colours. The neutral colours in Modern Classic homes are perfectly balanced between warm and cool tones.

How To Decorate Modern Classic?

When you want to capture the essence of this style, you should choose classic designer furniture pieces that best reflect its qualities. Incorporate a variety of modern classic furniture, including mid-century styles, to set the tone. Using clean and unadorned lines provides an excellent backdrop for showcasing vintage furniture and decor.

classic living room furniture

It’s important to prioritise comfort when selecting furnishings for this style. Unlike the stuffy and traditional spaces of the past, modern classic areas should feel soft, comfortable, and casual.

Pick Your Modern Classic Furniture Pieces

The furniture in the modern classic style has a unique design to convey the essence of this aesthetic. Every detail, from the materials to the colours used, is carefully selected to create the ideal space. Today, more than just a passing trend, modern classic style is about creating a comfortable living environment that is both inviting and stylish. Here are some examples:

Upholstered Headboards

Headboards have a long history, dating back to the elaborate and decorated designs used by the Egyptians, followed by practical creations by the Romans and Greeks. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that headboards became more comfortable, with Victorians introducing padded versions.

Today, upholstered headboards remain favoured for both practical and stylish reasons. They offer a comfortable way to sit and relax in bed while significantly impacting the room’s overall design.

A Chesterfield Piece

The term “Chesterfield” originated in the 1800s, but its history may date back even earlier, by around 100 years. A common belief is that the sofa has a name after Lord Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, who desired a furniture piece to allow men to sit without creasing their suits. This origin story reinforces the sofa’s association with high class and fashionability, making the Chesterfield sofa one of the most popular classic designer furniture pieces ever made.

chesterfield sofa

However, not all have room to accommodate this large furniture piece. If this is you, loving the Chesterfield style, know that there are alternative ways to introduce it to your home. For example, a headboard in Chesterfield style, featuring a sewn seam and diamond buttoning detail, will add depth to a classic design and can be dressed up or down to create the style you are after.

You can complete the look with an elegant and French Provincial-inspired blanket box that you can put at the other end of your bed. It’s a fantastic way to add extra storage space to your home. This blanket box will blend well with French Provincial décor and cater to your storage needs. If you don’t have room for such a large piece, you can go for an ottoman in the same style that doubles as a storage space. You can get creative and use it as a side table/chair/statement piece.

Stick to a Simple Colour Pallete

Colours play a huge role in creating a modern classic interior atmosphere. You can combine colours on the walls, furniture, and decor (artwork or decorations).

Although the ideal classic interior design colour scheme is as straightforward as possible, with primary hues being grey, silver, white, and black, you can include one or two pieces in bold and bright colours by choice. The same is true for the shades of dark brown and blue.

Know Your Materials

Add a touch of modern flair with a mix of minimalist elements using high-quality materials. Additionally, incorporate elegant natural solid elements into the modern classic décor. Because of this, fabrics like velvet for soft goods, glass, marble, or golden embellishments are ideal for this classic interior design style.

dark living room

For instance, flooring made of natural stone will provide a touch of the past to kitchens and baths. Hardwood flooring installed in the dining or living room provides an intriguing and modern scent for a more minimalist design.

Opt for Neutral Walls

Walls ought to be the only background in your space. Therefore, the modern classic interior design uses bright whites, neutral earth tones, or clean, neutral tones to create an enduring and elegant atmosphere. Neutral walls create the ideal setting for art, decorative homewares, mirrors, wall lights, or furniture.

Create Drama

The modern design also enjoys drama. Dramatic elements will form the final point for the interior, whether they be a bright burst of colour, an original work of modern art, or specially created furniture. Drama, meanwhile, ought to be a feature of a space rather than its dominant mood. As the modern classic interior is all about beauty and sophistication, ensure not to overdo it.

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