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How to Embrace a Modern Style: Accentuate the Best Features of Your Interior with Diverse Textures

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How to Embrace a Modern Style: Accentuate the Best Features of Your Interior with Diverse Textures

A lot of times people think modern design means minimalism. That may be true in some cases but don’t forget that boldness and command are also a large part of the equation. Modern design is definitely not boring!

Instead, it’s a style that uses what’s around us to artistic effect with the help of contrasting or complementary colours, different textures and shapes and something special like a funky geometric design element for added flair. If you want to give your home a bold modern look, there are some key ways to help you do so without going overboard or breaking the bank.  

Bring in Some Bold Furniture  

There are a number of ways to make your home look better. In most cases, if you want something to look good, you should use the best quality possible. If you are going to have high-quality furnishings and fixtures in your house, then it is important to learn more about what the best choices are.

When you have large living spaces, it is sometimes difficult to fill them up with enough interesting furniture. But there are ways that you can really bring in some bold furniture pieces when you have a lot of empty space. You can choose some large pieces of modern contemporary furniture with bold colours that will help accentuate the empty spaces in your house. The way that colours contrast against different textures is what makes these pieces so bold and eye-catching.

modern furniture

The colour of the furnishings will also be important. In the living room, anything goes! When your eyes are looking for a place to rest from all the patterns, warm and inviting colours will be perfect. Think about how you want your space to feel when you are sitting in it and decide which piece of furniture can accentuate these feelings.

The same thing goes for the bedroom, but with one small change – choosing cool and relaxing colours that will add to a relaxing and comfortable feel. In the dining room, use neutral tones and textures so that there is no distraction from the food on your table. If you have any type of office space in your home, this is a great place to incorporate some natural elements.

When it comes to interior design, it is important to have the right resources. When you are looking for the right solution, you can find it through the Internet or through a local store. There are many features that you can use when you want a more modern look for your home. Regardless of what your budget is, there are plenty of affordable options for modern contemporary furniture that can be found online or at local stores. This makes it easy to find everything you need to create the perfect look for your home.  

Add Colour to a Room by Using Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is one of the most versatile interior design products. It can instantly transform a room, or it can be used to accent an existing style. It’s a great way to add colour and texture without making a huge commitment that can’t be altered down the road.

Wallpaper comes in many different forms and textures, from traditional floral patterns to cool geometric designs. To find the right style for your room, think about what you want your wallpaper to accomplish. If you want to create an accent wall, choose wallpaper with a bold pattern or colour.

blue coloured wallpaper

Be sure to match the scale of the pattern with the size of your room, if possible, to avoid creating an overly busy look. A patterned wall will also help make a small room appear more open and spacious. If you’re looking for a more neutral look, consider wallpaper with a simple print or subtle colour. This will allow you to introduce variety into your space without overpowering it.  

Try New Materials Such as Concrete and Cork  

If you’re a homeowner and you want to give your space a new look, try adding textures. Textures bring variety and dimension to the surfaces of your home. They add interest to the appearance of your rooms, giving them new life. You can find textures in many different places. You can find them in nature, such as in rocks, oceans, and sand. You can also find them in man-made objects like concrete and cork.

Concrete is a great material for flooring because it is durable and comes in many colours. Because concrete is textured, it will help you create the look that you want for your interior. Cork is another great material for flooring because it is durable and easy on your feet during those long periods of time that you spend indoors when you are at home. Both concrete and cork are more affordable than other forms of flooring, so they are perfect if you are looking to save money while beautifying your home’s interior.  

Utilize Large Mirrors to Lift Scale and Open the Space  

Not only does the addition of mirrors create a more open and airy space, but it can also make the room seem larger than it actually is. Look for large mirrors that will not just fill an empty space on the wall, but add personality to the entire room.

A tall, thin decorative mirror can be placed vertically or horizontally and will also help to accentuate a small room. Tall mirrors are especially effective in entryways or dining rooms where you want the illusion of space. Mirrors with a decorative frame can be hung on walls to add visual interest and dimension to your room. It doesn’t matter if they’re horizontal or vertical because they will still reflect light and visually expand the space.

living room wall mirrors

The key is to find mirrors that suit your personal style, whether it’s contemporary, traditional or something else entirely. Mirrors with a shiny finish have a more contemporary look and make great additions to modern-looking spaces, while darker hued mirrors are perfect for traditional or other styles of décor. You can even pick up multiples of smaller sized mirrors and hang them in clusters on one wall to create an interesting effect in your dining room or bathroom

In addition to using them in your living spaces, you can also incorporate mirrors in your kitchen or dining room. Mirrors placed above a table will give the room more depth and make it appear larger than it is; this is also true if you place mirrors on the wall behind chairs as opposed to above them

If you are looking for additional storage space, consider adding a large wall mirror with an open shelf behind it. You can store books or decorative pieces on the shelf and use the mirror as storage that is out of view. When selecting your decorative mirror, keep in mind that selecting different types will create more visual interest. If you have an oddly shaped room, try clustering odd-shaped ones in different sizes together to fill the entire wall space.  

Implement Subtle Lighting Effects  

Lighting has a great deal to do with the overall look of any room. It’s more important and less obvious than most people think. The lighting you choose for your living room should be inviting, relaxing and warm when you want that sort of feeling, or bright and cheerful when you want that instead. The lighting shouldn’t draw too much attention to itself but should complement your efforts to create a unique ambience in your home with the chosen contemporary furniture and accessories.  

Lighting is best achieved through natural or ambient light. Avoid having fixtures that are overly bright unless their purpose is to highlight something specific like a painting or a sculpture. Harsh light can make people feel uncomfortable and even ill at ease. Also, avoid having the same type of lamp in every corner of the room if you don’t want repetitiveness. Make sure there’s some variety in the design of the lamps as well as their brightness levels.  

To Sum Up  

At the end of the day, though, what matters most is not only having fun but also taking risks so that you can achieve the look that you want. After all, it’s your home and your lifestyle. Feeling stuck in a rut? Take chances on different elements for your living space! Your creative style will shine through and design will be an outlet for you to express yourself and your priorities. 

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