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Our Tips for Designing the Perfect Kids Room


Our Tips for Designing the Perfect Kids Room

well organised kids room

Everyone wants to have a little corner in the house to call it their own. A place to relax, read a book, have some tea or listen to music. This little sanctuary is essential to entertain yourself and feel happy at home, no matter your age. As adults have their rocking chair by the window or a small shed in the yard for arts and crafts, kids should have the little things they love too.

Usually, this place is their room. This room has an impact on their development, social skills and interests. Because they spend a lot of time in there doing activities and resting, this room should be fitted to their needs – it should have elements of both entertainment and learning to keep them active and interested during the day.

Get the Stationery Ready 

close-up of kids stationery items

This can be the most interesting part of their room and spike their interest in learning, creativity and arts over time. Kids stationery can be exciting, colourful and fun to use. Many of these pieces feature their favourite heroes and cartoon characters, so you have plenty to choose from regarding design and colour. Take a look at the most commonly used kids stationery pieces.


When choosing pencils for your little ones, make sure you get high-quality pieces. They are usually made from incense-cedar, basswood or poplar. The graphite should be centred for easier sharpening and durability. And shape-wise you have 4 options – hexagonal, round, triangle and flat. But the best ones for children are the round or triangle ones because of their ergonomics. Kids will use these stationery items often when learning numbers and letters, so choose high-quality ones. 


Kids will make many mistakes when studying, so buying a good eraser is important. White erasers will do best. They’re made from PVC, vinyl, plastic or polymer, are very soft and don’t create a big mess when used. Because of their softness white erasers don’t damage the paper surface. If you can, buy a couple of extra erasers, your kid will need them.


Notebooks can be pretty interesting for kids. The thing that appeals to them the most is the cover of the notebook. Often colourful and printed with different shapes, you can also find ones with Disney princesses, superheroes, cartoon characters and even motivational quotes. Depending on you child’s needs, you could do a blank page notebook with lines or a lab notebook.  

Colouring Supplies 

We got to the part that’s the most fun and expresses creativity. This category includes markers, coloured pencils, watercolours, crayons, acrylic paint, paintbrushes and blank paper. Things can get messy when kids play with colouring supplies so be sure to keep an eye on them or just colour together. If you can, choose alcohol-free supplies.

Desk Organizers 

Of course, after finishing with the activities, all of those pencils, markers and notebooks need to be stored somewhere. We recommend getting a desk organizer that will fit all of the stationery supplies. A separate section for each group of items will keep the table organized and clean.

Apart from these kids stationery items, you can buy them rulers, compasses, calculators, scissors, stickers, glue and more. Give them a cozy chair and a proper table so they can enjoy countless hours of learning and creativity.

Create a Play Corner

cute play corner in kids room

What kid doesn’t want to play with toys? Boys and girls have their favourite toy that never leaves their side and has a special place in their play corner. There are many ways you can create and decorate this particular part of the room to make it interesting for your child.

One thing you could do is separate it with a rug. Put a colourful and soft carpet in the play area that marks the boundaries and lets kids know where they can put their toys. They will know to stay in that zone and not make a mess throughout the whole house. Plus, it will be easier for them to find and store their cherished toys. Put one or two baskets or see-through bins where the toys should be collected after playtime. This will keep the space organized and clean.

You can create a small library with a few bookshelves and a cozy bean bag. This way they can grab their favourite book, get comfortable in their spot and enjoy the adventures of their hero. You can even make library cards for them to check books in and out through you. This will make you a part of the experience every time. You could add some string lights for a more snuggly atmosphere, or lamps shaped like stars, clouds or animals.

The toys they have should be educative and skill-developing, such as magnet toys, instruments, building blocks, shape sorting etc. They’ll learn while having fun. Lastly, make sure you also spend time with them in the play corner. This will show them that you’re taking their playtime seriously and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it very much.

Choose a Good Bed for Them

There are thousands of beds to choose from for your dearest, and you always want the best for them. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for kids because of their brain development and health. If you get a bed they feel comfortable in, and love, it will serve as an encouragement and you’ll have no problems when bedtime comes.

The choices are endless, from regular storage beds to extremely shaped ones like cars, castles and houses. Aside from how they look, kid’s beds should be safe, high-quality and durable. Take into consideration all of these aspects and you’ll be able to choose the right bed for your child. Spine support is crucial so buying the best mattress is a must. Your child’s bed is his sanctuary and a place to rest, making the right decisions is important.

Add Lots of Light

kids playing with dog in their room

Lights are very important for a kid’s room. From ceiling lights to floor lamps and table lights, the options are many. Take into consideration the activities that will be happening in the room, are there any windows and where would the placement be. Give it a little thought so it can be safe and practical for the child.

Table lamps are for extra lighting on the desk or the table when writing, drawing and studying. They are the most popular extra light in the room that can take many forms and shapes to fit into the style of the room. Chandeliers are a great way to add elegance to the ambience with a gentle glow. Floor lamps can be both the main source of light or just an extra glow. They can have a few adjustable bulbs for practicality and light dispersion the way you want them. Night lights are great if your child has a fear of the dark. It will provide a sense of comfort and safety, and make them more independent.

Create a Wall of Wallpapers

Wallpaper can be an easy way to transform and breathe new life into your child’s room. Consult with them about their ideas and wishes about what they want. Wallpaper can be full of personality, life and playfulness. Don’t be afraid of bold colours, go bright, maybe even do a forest print. A bit of texture will give you a multi-dimensional effect and if your child loves space you can always line up some moon rocket wallpaper. If the kids are interested in something specific like animals, cars or flowers you can match their wallpaper with their interests.

Every wallpaper that you’ll buy should come with instructions because it’s not hard to install. You could definitely do it yourself. But, if you’re not sure you could manage get a professional involved and don’t worry about gluing and lining.

In Summary

kids room

Make your kids’ room a space they’ll want to spend their time in. Ask them what they want their room to look like and incorporate some of the things they say, it will make them feel as they were a big part of the creation. It’s their personal space to relax, invite some friends, rest, have some privacy and make them more independent.

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