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Grill Like a Boss: The Ultimate Guide to BBQ Accessories

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Grill Like a Boss: The Ultimate Guide to BBQ Accessories

Don’t you just love those sunny days with a light breeze calling you to leave the screens and spend some time outdoors? Hanging out with your family or friends, doing your favourite outdoor activities, while smoking some food on the barbeque sounds appetizing. And when your appetite works up, you will have delicious food to share with your friends.

Now, you already have the BBQ, charcoal or gas, the lighter or matches. All you need is a few barbeque accessories to spice up the experience and make it all fun and simple. After all, as with any craft, the proper tools help you do a better job. 

So, what accessories do you need to master grilling? Here’s a list of some of the most practical barbeque accessories from Australia outdoor supply stores that will make you look like a pro and have your mates talk about that gourmet food they had in your backyard.

BBQ knives set.

The Right Accessories Make Grilling Easier 

Grill Brush and Scraper

Nobody wants to cook on a dirty grill, so before you start anything, clean those grades. The grill brush is ideal for removing leftover gunk, stuck-on sauce, or carbonised bits. A good brush covers a big surface, allowing a fast and effortless scraping. Make sure you wipe the grates with a wet rag after this, so you have a clean surface before putting any food on it. 

Chimney Starter

The quickest and most efficient way to start a charcoal grill is to use a chimney starter. This nice, easy-to-use gadget starts the grill faster and makes the charcoal hotter. The coal gives you that mouth-watering flavour of smokiness that is unique to grilled meat.  

A BBQ Knife Set

For the best results, you need to cut the meat in the right size so it cooks best, and to be able to do that you need a good knife. The best choice here is a knife that will ease the pressure on your hands and is easy to manipulate. With the variety of materials and knife-making processes, take your time in choosing the right match for you.


This tool will save you from burning your fingers. It makes flipping the meat easy and without any worries of mishaps. The bigger your BBQ is, the longer you want your spatula’s handle to be. There is a wide variety of stainless steel spatulas with sharp edges and wooden handles that you can add to your set of grill accessories.


A good pair of grill tongs feels like an extension of your arms. It works well for turning larger pieces of stake or vegetables without poking and probing too much. Look for thongs with a good grip and comfortable handles that will allow you to manoeuvre the food easier. 

BBQ spatula.


Now, you have put all that effort into preparing, and you want that meat cooked just right. This is where the thermometer comes in. To achieve the desired temperature, you can use a digital, remote or even the latest Bluetooth thermometers. This tool will help you keep the rich flavour and cook the meat to perfection. 

Meat Shredders

The meat shredder allows you to pull, shred and lift in a quick and neat manner. Not only does it look like claws, but it also does the same job as claws. They can be produced from different materials, but what they have in common is that they all reduce the mess of using your hands. 

Fish Griller

This one is for the pescetarians or just everybody who loves fish. We all know how delicate cooking fish can be, and even with all the equipment we use it can still break apart and get ruined. To assist the process of grilling, try using a fish griller. It is ideal for cooking whole fish and the ones with lockable handles secure the fish, so you will not drop it into the charcoal when turning.

Grill Basket

If you like your vegetables to have a grilled flavour as well, then using a grill basket makes sense. They come in different shapes and styles, such as perforated or mesh square trays with high, sloping sides; hinged grids that clamp together like a clamshell and have long handles; skillet-like baskets; and mesh bags. Any one of these is suitable for veggies, shrimp, or other small ingredients.

Heat-resistant Gloves

Since you can never be too safe when dealing with fire or extremely high temperatures, it is advisable to use heat-resistant gloves. These are usually welding gloves that can withstand heat and protect your hands while grilling. The best ones go above your wrist and on top of providing protection, they are also comfortable to wear.

Final Thoughts 

Be patient! You can’t rush a good grill. Wait a bit before you throw the meat on the super-hot fire and turn it into charcoal itself. 

Anyone who has done that will tell you that you need the right temperature if you don’t want the meat to be burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. As far as ‘the frequency of turning the meat’ goes, it’s up to you. Everybody has a say here, but since we haven’t been able to come to some consensus, you are the chef.

And there you have it! Now you’re ready to shop for quality barbeque accessories Australia stores can provide you with, and conquer the grill with confidence and style. Cool the beer and invite your friends over for a good time!

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