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How to Make Your Home Feel Luxurious without Breaking the Bank

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How to Make Your Home Feel Luxurious without Breaking the Bank

Are you dreaming of living in the lap of luxury, but your bank account isn’t quite on board with the plan? Well, fear not my fellow aspiring aristocrat, because today I’ll share some tips for how to make your home feel like a million bucks without, in fact, spending that much! Whether you’re looking to impress your guests or just want to pamper yourself, here are some simple and affordable ways to turn your home into an oasis of elegance and refinement!

Accessorize with Velvet

velvet cushions

Velvet has been associated with luxury for centuries. It has a soft, plush texture that just begs to be touched, and it comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns. One of the easiest ways to make any room look more expensive is with stylish cushions in velvet that have rich deep colours and a sumptuous texture, both of which are recipe for creating a cosy and inviting space.

Whether you’re looking for something bold and eye-catching or more subtle and understated, there’s a design to suit your style. Made from a high-quality material, luxury velvet cushions are soft and plush to the touch, with a subtle sheen that catches the light beautifully. The attention to detail is evident in the carefully crafted piping and stitching, which add an extra layer of sophistication to each cushion.

Another great thing about cushions in velvet is that they’re incredibly versatile. You can use them to add a pop of colour to a neutral room, or you can layer them to create a cosy atmosphere. They’re also a great way to update your living space while on a budget – simply swapping out your cushions makes a big difference in the look and feel of the room.

How Many Cushions Should I Have on My Couch?

Ah, the age-old question of how many pillows is enough! It’s a tricky one, but there are a few guidelines that can help you strike the perfect balance:
• Couch size: A larger couch will naturally require more velvet pillows to make it feel cosy. As a general rule, aim for an odd number of cushions on your couch – three, five, or seven are all good options, depending on its size;
• Cushion size: You don’t want to overwhelm your couch with giant, bulky cushions that take up all the seating space. Similarly, you don’t want to have tiny, dainty ones that get lost in the shuffle. Aim for velvet cushions that are roughly the same size as the seat cushions on your couch;
• Personal taste: Some people like a more minimal look with just a couple of cushions, while others prefer a more layered, cosy feel with large crushed velvet cushions. As long as you keep in mind the size and scale of your couch, and aim for an odd number of pillows, you can’t go wrong!

Make Your Home Smell Good

diffuser in the living room

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately noticed how wonderful it smells? There’s something so inviting and comforting about a home that has a pleasant aroma, and this immediately leaves a good impression for the guests. There are many ways to make your home smell good, from lighting scented candles to using air fresheners.

However, if you’re looking for a more natural and eco-friendly option, then essential oils are definitely the way to go! Essential oils are natural extracts from plants that contain aromatic compounds. When diffused into the air, they can create a variety of scents that have different effects on your mood and emotions. Some oils are uplifting and energizing, while others are calming and relaxing.

Fill Up Those Blank Walls

There’s something about beautiful art that can instantly transform a space and give it a more luxurious and sophisticated look. Adding large abstract art prints to your home is a great way to create a focal point and add personality. They bring colour, texture, and depth to a room, and they’re great conversation starters when you have guests over.

When choosing art prints, it’s important to consider the size of the piece and the space you want to hang it in. A large piece of art makes a big impact, but it’s important to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the room or looks out of place. A general rule of thumb is to choose a piece that’s at least two-thirds the size of the furniture it’s hanging above, whether that’s a couch, bed, or dining table.

Use the Right Plants

minimalist living room with plants

Adding plants to your home is a great way to purify your indoor air and bring some natural beauty to your space. But, did you know that certain plants can also make your home look more luxurious and sophisticated?

One of the most popular luxury plants is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. This tall, tree-like plant has large, lush leaves that add a touch of elegance to any room. It’s a statement piece that makes a big impact, and it’s a great option for larger spaces.

Another popular luxury plant is the Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the “Swiss cheese plant.” This tropical plant has large, glossy leaves with unique cut-outs that create a striking visual appeal. Place it in a stylish planter and watch it instantly beautify your living space. This is a great option for adding some texture and depth to your home, and it looks great in both modern and traditional décor.

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