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Be Your Own Curator: Fill Your Home with Abstract Art

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Be Your Own Curator: Fill Your Home with Abstract Art

Whenever you want to bring your home’s interior to life, you know you can count on art to add a pop of colour, filling up boring walls and rooms with interest. And yet, it doesn’t seem so easy once you stumble upon the huge range of art available on the market from known and unknown artists alike.

Truth be told, you don’t have to be a professional curator to introduce some intricate pieces into your abode – it’s your living space after all so you know best what goes and what doesn’t. Though there are various trends, you may want to look into eye-catching abstract wall art if you want to create more depth and movement in your home without trying too hard.

The different shapes, colours and textures of this type of art, sometimes joined together in harmony, other times in striking contrasts, make the paintings and prints suitable for different interior decor styles. The artworks that express departure from reality are a match not only for modern interiors but traditional too. So, don’t be afraid to step outside of the comfort zone and make of your nest your own gallery. Here are some tips to help you do it.

Start Neutral

neutral abstract art
If this is your first attempt at spicing up the decor and you don’t like going bold with the abstract artwork, you can pick something that isn’t too abundant in colours. Neutral colours make for a sophisticated outcome, perfect if you don’t want to grab too much attention with your walls in a minimalist or Scandinavian interior.

Plan the Colours

matching abstract art
Living in a home that already has a colour scheme could pose a sort of challenge when it comes to choosing your pieces of abstract wall art. To be able to make the most of it it’s advisable to consider the colours you already have from your furnishings, and find an artwork that has all or at least some matching hues to tie the place together and create a balanced and pleasing ambience.

If you already have a wall that serves as a gallery, it’s advisable to at least pick the new prints and paintings in hues that are similar to the existing ones to complement the look.

Choose Oversized for a Statement

oversized abstract art in bedroom
When you aren’t afraid to go bold, it’s as simple as introducing an oversized abstract print to add the sense of drama you want and provide your interior decor with the statement piece needed to create a focal point. Choose a piece you truly love, don’t just pick one because you think it looks cool, after all, it’s going to become the centre of attention in the abode so it’s best if it’s a piece that speaks to you, represents your personality and taste.

In case you don’t want to risk it with the living room, which happens to get most visits, perhaps you’d like to experiment with the bedroom to make it the soothing sanctuary it ought to be for beauty sleep. A suggestion is to add the oversized artwork of your choice right behind the bed so it would work as your own colourful headboard.

Homes where windows are lacking are also ideal because you have a chance to fill up an empty space and create the feeling of a “window”. Moreover, it would serve as the great wall that rids you of the necessity to further introduce art on other walls if you don’t want to make your home seem like a gallery.

Introduce a Pair

two odd abstract art
What’s better than an odd abstract print? Two odd abstract prints! In fact, you don’t even have to choose two with the same or similar colours to be able to pull off a cohesive look, just count on the help of same frames if you prefer two different works of art. With some stores, you can choose whether you want your paintings and prints to come framed or you can later frame them yourself.

Pick two that are neither too big nor too small and you can add them wherever you want. Such a pair is great because it provides you with versatility as you have many options on how you choose to introduce them in your living space. Feel free to add balance to the walls by hanging them side by side above the sofa in the living room, or vertically one beside the other on that small wall by the bookcase in your ergonomic home office.

In the hallway, you can hang them above the console or underneath the staircase. As for the bedroom, you can create balance by hanging each above the two bedside tables. What I love about abstract wall art is it’s the missing puzzle piece when you want to inject the bathroom and kitchen with some upbeat energy too.

A pair of artworks is great to be added above the sink, toilet or even the bathtub if you have some space you don’t know how to fill up otherwise to create your dream bathroom. In the kitchen, you can add them above the countertops where you most spend your days with food prep so you can marvel at the art.

Not so difficult to be your own curator, is it?

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