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How to Create an Ergonomic Home Office Without Sacrificing Style


How to Create an Ergonomic Home Office Without Sacrificing Style

Whether you’re putting in after-work hours, or you’re a stay-at-home freelancer, a home office can be essential to completing the work more efficiently and successfully. Anyone can put a chair and a desk in a room, but if you want the best setup, without sacrificing style and comfort, there are a couple of strategies to do so, while avoiding some of the most common pitfalls that can compromise your productivity.

ergonomic productsImplementing ergonomic products into your home office is a luxury that you may not have in a typical office. That being said, don’t be masochistic by sitting in a non-ergonomic environment and invest into quality ergonomic products to optimise your workspace. A basic ergonomic chair with adjustable backrest height and seat and a desk that’s just the right height to keep your monitors at eye-level can be extremely beneficial to your health and productivity alike.

Besides having ergonomic furniture in your home office, you need to make sure you enjoy spending time in it. A lot of people don’t put much thought into the aesthetics of their workspace, as they’re used to the dullness of the uniform cubicle. Fix that by adding items that will personify your work space, by adding items that give you positive vibes. A picture of your dog, a plant or maybe some album covers of your favourite band can positively impact your mood and productivity.

As a good idea as a home office sounds, some people feel like they simply won’t have enough room for one, especially if they can’t dedicate an entire room. However, even if you do have an entire room, you can still easily misorganise it and it would feel clustered. In order to avoid these issues, you need to plan beforehand and pay attention to the crannies and nooks of the room. More importantly, utilise the space under your desk and your walls for storage.

Lastly, make sure you organise the cables in your home office tidily. Nobody likes dealing with cables, but it’s better to take the time and do it, than to trip over them at some point and end up disconnecting, or even worse, breaking an expensive device. Avoid tangles like the plague, and have a clear path for them, you can use cable holders or clips to help in that regard. Organising the cables not only adds functionality and freedom of movement, but it also adds to the aesthetics to the workspace.

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