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Dive Into Summer: How to Create an Inviting Pool Area

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Dive Into Summer: How to Create an Inviting Pool Area

Everyone loves a good pool day spent with loved ones. Nothing beats taking a dip in the cool water on a hot day and having the time of your life. If you’re fortunate enough to have one in your backyard, you know all too well the joys of having your very own summer oasis.

But even the best pools require some décor consideration if you want this space to be one you and your family can truly enjoy. How the area around the pool looks is just as important as how it functions. A few design changes can instantly help make it feel cosier and more inviting.

How Do You Make Your Pool Area Feel Cosy?

Depending on how much space you have around your pool, you can make a few adjustments to create a space that is conducive to relaxation.

Use Teak Pool Furniture

There’s nothing quite like kicking back on a comfortable and resilient teak pool lounger as the sunrays graze your skin. This material in particular offers superior longevity as it is resistant to rot and decay. It doesn’t matter if you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, teak won’t give in to the elements.

teak pool furniture

The inherent build of teak is also aesthetically pleasing in its own right. Its brownish hue fits in with the natural elements of one’s backyard, and with its superior durability, it will likely last for years to come. The straight and tight patterns on its surface only add to its elegance.

Plus, this material is quite easy to maintain and keep looking good. It doesn’t matter if the sun is beating down on it or the rain is pouring – a little bit of cleaning every once in a while should be enough to keep it in its original state. Just wipe your teak pool lounger down with a bit of mild soap and warm water, and you’ll be all set.

You could even polish its surface using some lemon and mineral oil every now and then. This will help restore its initial condition and keep it looking like new for many years to come. And finally, the sheer versatility of teak furniture is its strongest trait. It fits in well with any décor style, whether you’re going for a modern or classic look. You can get creative with your layout and add some character to your pool area.

Make Room for Some Shade

As much as we all love sunbathing, it’s important to remember that too much exposure isn’t healthy. Skin cancer doesn’t take a break during summer, and it’s best to find ways to reduce the amount of sun your body is getting.

home pool shades

You can create some coverage by adding a few umbrellas, or you could go for something more permanent like an arbour or pergola. These structures offer shade and shelter from the occasional summer rainstorm. You could also craft your own solution, like wooden lattices that you can hang in the surrounding space.

Add Some Greenery

There’s no doubt that having pot sand planters with lush greenery around your pool will make it look more welcoming. It’s a great way to instantly bring life and colour into your space, and it’s something that you can easily do on your own.

pots and planters

Indoor plants are great for smaller spaces, while outdoor plants will bring a more authentic vibe to the whole area. It also helps to create some texture and depth without turning the entire place into a green jungle.

Install Mood Lighting

Who says that poolside fun must come to an end once the sun sets? After all, some of the most exciting memories come from night-time swimming and lounging.

home pool mood lightning

You can strategically place a few sets of lights around the area to create a romantic atmosphere. Anything from candles to fairy lights and even tiki torches would make a great addition. They will offer the perfect amount of illumination without blinding you or your guests.

Include Pool Toys for the Little Ones

Don’t forget to create a kid-friendly space for the youngest of the bunch. Not only will this give the little ones something to do to pass the time, but it’ll also give you more freedom to enjoy yourself.

These days, there’s a whole range of safe swimming pool toys for kids in varying shapes and sizes. You could go with some of the classics like goggles and inflatable vests for inexperienced swimmers, or you could opt for something more fun like water guns and pool noodles.

pool toys

Other options include inflatable slides and floating islands. They create a safe environment for the children to have some fun in, with minimal supervision from you. These swimming pool toys are sure to keep them entertained for hours.

Most of them can be inflated with an air pump at your convenience. The whole process doesn’t take more than a few minutes and it’s quite simple, offering you some much-needed peace of mind.

The inflatable swimming pool toys can be folded and stored away easily when not in use, leaving your pool space free of clutter. When you need to use them again, just get the pump out and they’ll be ready in no time.

Make sure you clean the toys after each use and inspect them for any rips or tears. This way, you’ll ensure their durability and make sure they remain in perfect condition for as long as possible. If you notice any unusual signs, you should replace them immediately.

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