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What Scandinavian Interiors Are All About

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What Scandinavian Interiors Are All About

As we’ve come to see over the recent years, Scandinavian interior design is a blend of plenty of styles, yet it’s all about one and the same thing: comfortable interior décor, and quality of living which is exactly what makes it into the trend it is time after time. Comfort is the result of many elements, materials, colours, and textures, and it’s important to know how to combine them all to get the wanted outcome.

For instance, wood is one of the basic materials in the Scandinavian interiors, present in floors, different types of furniture such as solid timber TV unit, and coffee table, chests of drawers, mirror and painting frames, decorating pieces; in other words, wood filling up the space all over with aesthetically pleasing shades of brown colour.

The point with plenty of wood is to bring the charms of nature inside, and of course, it’s not just any wood, but the sustainable options, so it’s about making the eco-friendly choices.

The introduction of sustainable solid timber TV unit, and the rest of the wooden pieces, welcomes more sustainable materials, as are the organic fabrics made of bamboo for instance, so you can surround yourself with more nature in the form of throw rugs, cushions, and curtains.

As for colours, along with the earthy wood tones, it’s important to bring more of the soft neutrals in the interior décor. This can be some of the many shades of white, grey, green, blue… anything that’s bright and helps make the home look and feel more airy. Why is that so? Because brightness also has to do with comfort, making the home cosy, and serene – a home you’d love to spend more time at.

What’s specific about Scandinavian interiors is the lack of clutter, as is the case with minimalist styles. This refers to any kind of clutter, both in the physical and visual sense. So while getting rid of any items that you no longer need, you have to be wary of going overboard with decorations at the same time. It’s advisable to use some more of nature’s charms if you don’t feel the certainty with decorations, relying on the addition of plants.

Plants are versatile, they are known to improve moods, as well as the quality of air indoors, plus you get to choose a variety of planters and pots, or use your imagination and create some yourself. As soon as you implement some of the Scandinavian interior elements, don’t be surprised if you become a fan quickly.

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