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Simple Yet Stylish: Decorating Scandinavian Interiors

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Simple Yet Stylish: Decorating Scandinavian Interiors

The hallmark of Scandinavian interiors are their wide clean floors, crisp white walls, and the overall minimalism that pervades throughout the space. You might think that this simplistic style can look rather boring, but it’s always easy to spice anything up with some tasteful décor. In fact, this airy and clean backdrop needs some subtle eye-candy to make it pop. If you want to make your minimalistic interior a tad more interesting, considering the following types of décor that have “Scandinavian” written all over them.

Make It More Dynamic with Scandinavian Art Posters

If there’s one interior style that simply doesn’t work without art, it’s Scandinavian. In fact, art and Scandinavian interiors have a kind of symbiotic bond, or in other words – they need each other. The crisp white walls make Scandinavian art posters and paintings come to the fore and command attention, while the colours and patterns featured in them provide the much needed contrast to the minimalistic setting.

It’s no wonder that Scandinavian designers release prints and paintings parallel with their furniture designs. And similar to furniture, Scandinavian art posters, photographs, engravings, and typography reflect common motifs such as nature, black and white, geometric shapes and similar. Unlike the rest of the space which is left with a minimal amount of things, there’s no limit to how much art pieces you can include. Feel free to start a gallery wall above the sofa with art pieces in a variety of sizes and techniques to give the space a whole different dimension.

Create Warmth with Layers and Textures

When designing a space the Scandinavian way, many people fear that the white walls and minimalist backdrop can feel too rigid and cold. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The trick is to use layers and textures which will give the space a warm touch. Incorporate as much wooden elements as possible – from rich hardwood floors to furniture, and even ceilings and walls to make the space more inviting. And try to incorporate as much layers as you can – from thick wool blankets, to fuzzy rugs, bamboo quilts for the sofa, and other pieces that are known to emit warmth.

Bring the Outdoors in with Luscious Plants

Scandinavian interiors are often inspired by the outdoors and to reinforce that connection you can use plants as décor. Even the smallest apartments can benefit from decorative greenery as it can liven up the space without suffocating it. When plants are beautifully oversized, like for instance the rubber plant, they can even add a touch of drama to the surroundings. Whereas vines that overflow from their pots will make the home feel more casual and romantic. And best of all, you can use plants all around – from the hallway, to the bedroom, and even as coffee table décor. Let nature inspire you!

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