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The Story of a Home’s Curb Appeal and Value

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The Story of a Home’s Curb Appeal and Value

Let’s just be honest: it’s in human nature to enjoy the sight of beauty, and to want to be surrounded by it for that matter. In fact, beauty even has a say with first impressions. As much as this refers to people, it also refers to objects, as well as homes; and no, that doesn’t make any of us people of vanity.

Regardless of whether you’re selling your home now or not, investing in the curb appeal is more than bound to pay off, because you invest in its value and that’s sure to come in handy when you do get to sell it, so it’s not just about the interior but the exterior too. If buyers don’t like what they see on the outside, can you really expect them to want to look on the inside, or pay as much as you ask for the home?

Take the mailbox area, for instance, the area that often gets overlooked. There’s so much more to a mailbox than it being a mere object for receiving mail: it also serves for style. The different designer mailboxes Australia round shops have to offer charm with the versatility in designs, durability, materials used, and even their prices.


A mailbox made of accoya wood with aluminium details is just the kind of mailbox you need to withstand the Australian harsh weather conditions, and receive mail in style. The possibilities of customising the designer mailboxes Australia shops and designers have range from different mounting (e.g. post, wall, flush, fence), to adding wall planter boxes in matching designs – a new approach to an old concept, affordable means to increasing the curb appeal.

Since it’s about showing your home in the best light, lighting plays a huge part in value just as much. Good lighting increases a home’s safety, and style at the same time. We don’t give lighting that much credit, taking it for granted, but playing with illumination the right way means creating magic.

The different lighting fixtures can add to aesthetics, create a setting, highlight the great features, be it architecture or plants, and provide enough lighting for crucial areas such as the parking spots, stairs, or deck. Don’t forget to include plants too, the more nature around, the livelier the look, plus there would be fragrance around.

Last but not least, remember, how you present your home’s value matters too, so if you don’t want to spend money on professional photographers, at least learn a bit about how to take quality photos that would show off your home’s appeal the best.

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