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How to Choose the Perfect Bar Stools for Your Kitchen

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How to Choose the Perfect Bar Stools for Your Kitchen

In the past, kitchens were considered a private area in the home and as such they were regularly hidden behind a shut door whenever guests arrived. Now with the growing popularity of entertaining and causal mingling in the kitchen, it’s hard to imagine this space without some sort of bar stools. Bar stools allow family and friends to keep us company while being in the kitchen, a convenient seating for having a cup of coffee in the morning, and if chosen right – they can make the kitchen look stylish and expensive. So, are you ready to step up your interior design game with bar stools? Here’s what you need to consider.

Choose an Appropriate Height

Regardless whether you’re buying bar stools online or from a local store, it’s easy to get confused when condidering their height. This may be because the term “barstool” can refer to three different heights: counter, bar, and spectator. Counter stools, like their name suggests, are designed to be matched with a standard kitchen counter, which is around 90cm tall. To make it convenient, counter stools range from 60 – 65 cm in height. Bar stools are used for counters that are 105 cm high rather than the standard 90 cm, such as in a pub, and these stools are usually 75 cm high. The tallest option is spectator bar stools (85-90 cm) which are used if you need any extra height, like for television viewing.

Features that Increase Comfort and Functionality

Unlike dining chairs and stools, barstool can come with various different features that make them easy to adjust for greater comfort. If you can’t decide on a single height, there are bar stools with adjustable seats that can accommodate people of all sizes. Keep in mind that quality bar stools are usually made of sturdy woods and metal and can be heavy. In that case, a swivel seat can save you from having to pull the stool to sit down. Plus, this feature can be very convenient when you need to turn around and catch a glimpse of the food on the stove, or the TV for that matter. Foot rests and back rests can additionally enhance the comfort of your stools if you tend to use them a lot.

Materials and Style

When it comes to materials, they should match the kitchen’s overall style and your personal needs as well. For instance, if you don’t have time for regular cleaning, leather seats are a great solution as food and drink stains won’t stand a chance of sticking. But keep in mind that leather barstools work best when matched with contemporary interiors. If yours is more on the traditional side, metal stools are also easy to clean. For a more rustic kitchen, there is a huge range of original vintage and replica bar stools online and in brick and mortar furniture stores. Mixing materials, like for instance walnut and chrome, create a look that can fit in a myriad of styles.

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