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Step Up Your Garden’s Design with Climbing Plants

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Step Up Your Garden’s Design with Climbing Plants

When it comes to transforming the look of your exterior, climbing plants are an invaluable addition. Their ability to cover any surface and make it look more attractive is incomparable to any other kind of plant. Climbing plants, also commonly known as vines, have no firm trunk and use other vertical objects to stick to or wind around, like for instance trees, borders, doorways, and walls. Through the use of climbers you can expand your planting surface, and give your outdoor space a rich texture and colour throughout the entire year.

Whether you love them for their stunning flowers, luscious foliage, mesmerizing scent, or even fruit, there is a multitude of reasons to plant climbers in your outdoor space. With their help you can soften hard edges, camouflage unsightly exterior structures, and even create a thick and cool shade under which you can relax throughout the summer. Plus, the fact that they grow upright, makes climbers the ideal solution for small gardens, tiny balconies, and other places where there isn’t much vertical space left for plants. Regardless of what you’re after, you will surely find something beautiful in some of the local or online nurseries.

Climbers are generally divided into free climbers and clingy climbers. Free climbers, like for instance ivy, use special areal roots to attach themselves firmly on a surface. On the other hand, clingy climbers, such as clematis, use their tendrils or leaves to wind around objects like doorways and fences. If you plan to plant climbers as a way to mask an unsightly wall, make sure to pick an evergreen specie, like for example Pyracantha. To soften an evergreen wall, you can inter-plant some summer-flowering climbers which will give it a pop of colour.

If you’re planning to use climbers as a way to add shade to your pergola, make sure that their foliage is thick enough to prevent sunlight from penetrating through. Wisteria is an all-time favourite when it comes to adorning pergolas as it has spectacular purple, pink or white flowers that grow tightly together. However, it can quickly grow rampant, so make sure to regularly trim and neaten it so that it grows better.

For a dazzling colourful feature that will last for a longer period, nothing comes close to bougainvillea. It’s a flamboyant South American native that grows in temperate and tropical climates, such as the one Australia has. Although it looks romantic and soft, it’s in fact a very robust climber that can reward you with plenty of colour and butterflies around it. And since it can tolerate salt-laden air, this climber is the ideal choice for coastal gardens.

Whatever species you end up choosing, climbing plants give you plenty of opportunities for your garden’s design to shine. Bring nothing but good vibes into your space.

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