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Pool Toys for Keeping Kids and Adults Entertained & Busy for Hours


Pool Toys for Keeping Kids and Adults Entertained & Busy for Hours

Types of Toys for Pools 

Learning Toys 

For nippers or those learning to swim in the early stages, good pool toys should serve as both a learning tool and a source of entertainment. On the other hand, submerging is one of the challenges of instilling water confidence in a child. Rainbow hoops come in handy for this. The hoops float below the pool’s surface and are easily visible due to their bright colours. Diverting and swimming through the row of hoops that can be arranged to set challenges for themselves can provide hours of entertainment for children of all abilities.

Furthermore, fine-quality pool toys, like most regular educational toys, must divert the child’s attention away from the swimming lesson and toward the enjoyment of swimming. This is where magnetic dive gloves can help. Several ‘fish’ are included in the toy, which is dropped to the pool’s bottom. The child puts on magnetic gloves and dives down to collect all of the metallic ‘fish.’

pool toys

Sport Toys 

It is natural for your children to play competitive games once they have gained complete confidence in the pool. Most ground-based sports can now be played poolside, putting an end to the days of throwing a wet tennis ball from one end to the other.

Floating soccer goals allow you to stay partially submerged while your child tries to kick a miniature soccer ball past you and into the goal behind you. While having a ball thrown at your head for hours on end may not appeal to you, it will to your child. Another option is the floating aqua-hockey table, which has a lower risk of leaving you with a bruised face but is no less frenetic. On a large inflatable table with hand mallets, you try to outscore your opponent in this waterborne version of the classic air-hockey table.

On the other hand, the timeless basketball hoop is the perfect poolside sport. You can opt for a small-framed, low-profile model for simple scoring or a larger, extendable pole that feels more like a court. Simply locate the ring at the deep end if you want to win against shorter opponents.

However, if having a good time in the pool means shooting each other with water guns, you have plenty of options. The water gun has evolved from a cheap plastic toy we used to buy at the newsstand into mammoth and elaborate super-soakers capable of holding half a litre of water plus spare magazines and firing an incredible 8 metres!

kids pool toys

Traditional Toys 

Any pool toy list will be incomplete without the good old pool noodle, or ‘poodle,’ as some have affectionately dubbed it. This simple foam tube has become a staple of backyard pools worldwide since it was patented over three decades ago. Your imagination is the only limit to these traditional toys, as they can be used for anything from simple floatation devices to pool chairs for both children and adults. 

Children can sit on them and race from one end of the pool to the other, effectively staging their own aquatic Melbourne Cup Day. They can be trimmed into smaller sections and attached to the sides of a plastic tub to create a floating Esky when filled with ice! 


You can spoil your children with various inflatable pool toys if they have enough lung power. The Eruptor is for larger pools and looser purse strings. A hidden opening exists within this mock pool volcano. With a hose attached, the volcano’s top sprays a cool blanket of water over its surroundings. The interior also hides a hideaway for the kids to relax and get some relief from the scorching Aussie sun.

Toys like the Seesaw and the paddle wheel-a child-sized inflatable wheel that can be ‘walked’ across the pool’s surface, are among the large inflatables. If gliding across the pool is more your style, the kids can pick their favourite animal from a variety of themed animal swim rings. Choose from animals like manta rays, giraffes, sharks, and crocodiles. Perhaps your kids can solve the age-old riddle of who would win in a fight between an inflatable shark and a crocodile!

Toys for Adults 

adults pool toys

When it comes to pool gadgets, adults who never grew up aren’t left out! Waterproof Texas Hold ’em poker set is for the card sharks among you. Take it outside if you’re tired of sitting in a dark room with your friends and watching your chips disappear! A pool poker set includes waterproof cards, chips, and four lounge chairs arranged around a table.

If you are the peaceful type, then the fashion lounge is your safest bet. There’s something for everyone, from a basic model with a single air chamber to a top-of-the-line model with twin air chambers, dual cup holders, a snack tray, and a recliner headrest. Moreover, if your floating palace runs out of space, you could always have someone launch you a floating beverage tray. This sturdy container can hold several drinks on an ice bed, meaning you’ll never have to leave the pool for a refill.

When it comes to sports by the pool, there is a floating golf green for those who believe basketball requires far too much energy. This ultimate water course’s most difficult hole will have you practising your short game for hours. Cool off by diving in to retrieve your overshot balls once you’ve exhausted chipping off the pool’s side or have dispersed your bucket of balls on the pool bottom.

All in all, there is a pool toy for everyone, regardless of age, size, or athletic ability. Get some today and be ready for those long summer days spent at your favourite hangout spot!

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