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From Crib to King: Why Your 1 Should Transition to a Larger Bed


From Crib to King: Why Your 1 Should Transition to a Larger Bed

Switching from a crib to a bigger bed can feel like a big change for some parents, however, some obvious signs may point to a need for change. Once you understand them, it’s better to act and do something about it because good sleep is essential for your child’s emotional, social, focus and overall development.

Many people feel nervous about this big transition, however, moving from a crib to a bed is a normal part of childhood, and once your toddler starts showing signs, you should make the switch as soon as possible. But instead of investing in a cot bed or small single bed mattress, it’s way better to look and choose from the assortment of comfy king single bed mattresses.

Reasons to Invest In a King-Size Bed And Mattress

King size bed for toddler

Cost-Effective Solution

Instead of investing in a cot bed that you’ll need to change after a year or two and invest in a larger bed, you can immediately invest in a larger one and cut the additional and unnecessary costs. Not only these beds are larger and will fit your little one until it becomes an adult, but king single bed mattresses are also comfier and roomier. Their size allows your little one to sleep with all of its friends – teddy bears, dolls or some other stuffed animal toys – which will make him/her feel safer and make the transition to bed smoother and easier.

Better for Snuggles

Given the fact that a lot of kids love their parents to read them books, talk and just snuggle or all of that, having a bed like this would be perfect for this. It’s roomier and has enough space even if you accidentally fall asleep with him/her, so you won’t have to leave half of your body out of the bed when lying next to your little one.

Better Overall Choice

Even though cribs and cots look cuter and better, the truth is that you won’t be disappointed by the huge choice of king-size beds and mattresses. They are available in different styles, models, colours and patterns, giving you the chance to pick just the right one for your little one.

However, if you want to save in the long run, make sure to invest in a simpler bed because they are always in. This can’t be said about king-single size Spiderman, cars or princess-inspired beds which will be loved and used only until the age of 9 or 10. Once your little one hits a certain age, you’ll need to change the bed for a newer and simpler one. So yeah, you really shouldn’t wonder anymore about is king single worth it or not.

Choosing the Right Type of Mattress

The truth is that king-size mattresses are great for kids of any age. They are wide and long enough to accommodate a toddler and a teenager, and roomier enough to help them wiggle, turn and toss as they wish. When in the search for mattresses for this kind of bed make sure to pick ones that are firmer and ones that offer the needed support for your little one as he/she grows. Generally speaking, you can choose from:

Memory Foam

Toddler in bed

These bed-padded surfaces are designed to adapt to the natural contours of your child’s body. They are the perfect choice for active kids and teens because it seems that they provide pressure relief and are ideal for reducing any kind of pain or discomfort.

These mattresses are perfect for both restless and light sleepers, which can often feel like a deadly combination. That’s because they are made from memory foam and don’t transfer motion. They are available in different types and thicknesses so you can explore different options and find the perfect fit.


Compared to memory foam, it seems that spring mattresses are firmer and offer a bouncier feel which is great for those children who want to feel a bit more support when laying down on it. In contrast to memory foam models, it seems that spring models are also longer lasting and have a larger lifespan. This is largely due to the design of the springs, which can withstand a lot more compression and weight over time without losing its shape or support.

Spring mattresses also come in a variety of different firmness levels, making it easier to find one that fits your child’s individual needs. For example, if your child prefers a softer bed, you can opt for a spring mattress with fewer coils. On the other hand, if your child needs more support for their growing body, a spring mattress with a higher coil count would be a better option.


As the name suggests, this hybrid is something between the two aforementioned models. It’s a combination of both and it has the memory foam’s adaptability and the firmness of a spring mattress. A great number of these hybrid bed supports are made from a spring support base with memory foam, however, some of them can also have latex comfort layers on top for extra comfort and softness. These mattresses are great for kids who like to feel the softness that memory foam offers but also love to feel support, and obtaining all of this is possible only by investing in a hybrid supportive bed padding.

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