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Army Love, Army Life: 5 Gift Ideas for the Military Man in Your Life


Army Love, Army Life: 5 Gift Ideas for the Military Man in Your Life

Gift givers may think that they will run into unique challenges when picking a gift for a veteran or active military personnel. But, veterans, active duty and guard, and reserve troops are not difficult to shop for with a little thought. Their active, on-the-go lifestyle can provide a diverse range of military gift options, they will cherish forever. Regardless of the occasion, we have narrowed down a list of gifts every military personnel will be happy to receive and will love it.

Military Stationery

A beautifully packaged gift set of military stationery
source: Ideogram

Any gift that can help your man in the army take notes in poor weather conditions is a terrific one. Therefore, help your man record all his crucial notes in the field by surprising him with a charming and versatile army stationery set. Any old notepad and pen aren’t going to do the trick as a military stationary kit which is waterproof and specifically designed to withstand the tough conditions on the field.

Pens, pencils, lumocolors, chalk, or a chinagraph are all necessary writing instruments for your man’s military stationary box. Since most military personnel carry pens, waterproof pen lines are a great option for those who prioritise functionality. The pen’s pressurised ink cartridges enable flawless writing at any angle, including upside down, and ensure that it doesn’t smear when exposed to various types of moisture, such as water, grease, mud, or dirt.

On the other hand, waterproof pencils are incredibly useful for their ability to be erased easily, allowing you to alter your notes, orders, range templates or sketches on the fly. High-quality mechanical clicker pencils with a knurled metal grip that helps you hold on even when wearing gloves and 1.3mm dark lead for the finest marking is ideal for chilly climates. Additionally, make sure you get some lead refills so you’ll be ready for when you run out.

We can’t talk about any good army stationery without including a decent notebook in the kit. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, these notebooks are made using high-quality waterproof paper to ensure that you’re geared for writing even in the harshest environments. Some of these notebooks also come with Fabrikoid covers, which mimic the aesthetics of leather while providing great protection to the book. For added protection, you should also consider getting a notebook cover made from Cordura fabric.

Battle Mugs

a man holding a battle mug

If the special someone loves drinking coffee, as it’s so typical for the military culture, then there is no better way to drink a steaming hot cup of joy than in a battle mug. The Battle Mug is a 2-pound sculpted manufactured work of art made from a 10.5-pound solid bar of 6061 T6 billet aluminium.

The Battle Mug’s picatinny rails enable the installation of tactical gear and additional alternative handles, one of which can have a cover added. A standard issue M4 carry handle, tactical light, laser device, holographic sight, or any other tactical device for your operations can be mounted on the combat mug thanks to its M1913 Picatinny 3-rail interface system. So, what are you waiting for? This is one of those durable military presents that your loved one may use and pass down as a family heirloom for years to come.

Army Bears

army bear

We mean, MOLLE accessories are practical and cool but there is no such person in this world that can’t get emotional every time they see a cute bear. Military teddy bears are a terrific way to share Australia’s proud military history with every age group. The bears are beautifully presented in uniforms for the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Australian Navy, Purple Poppy, Air Force Centenary and more. So, finding a suitable rank won’t be difficult.

Shadow Boxes

The majority of service members and veterans are unassuming, and their badges and medals are probably tucked away in a closet or other obscure place. Because they allow service personnel and veterans to arrange and exhibit their military medals and accolades, shadow boxes and display cases make great gifts for the armed forces.

These military presents are a great alternative, even if the recipient insists on not hanging them. They let the recipient at least arrange their military awards and souvenirs into a suitable storage container that will eventually become a family heirloom someday.

Service Pride Clothing

Regardless of their branch of service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, or Coast Guard – there is a diverse array of wearable military gifts available, ranging from caps to hoodies. Even if the individual is no longer on active duty, they can proudly display their service with stylish and comfortable apparel. These presents serve as a reminder of their dedication and sacrifice for our country, making them meaningful gifts for any occasion.

Keep in mind that getting the right size is crucial in this situation. Hats may be easy to find if you choose adjustable, one-size-fits-all styles. Although determining someone’s size without their knowledge can be challenging when it comes to shirts and hoodies, there is a wide range of size options.

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