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Awesome Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas


Awesome Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of the damage we’re causing to our planet as humans and decide to take action. Learning how to be eco-friendly is a process in which we learn the skills how to prevent harm to the environment. It’s not just turning off the lights when you don’t need them or separating your garbage for recycling; it’s about changing the daily habits and the purpose of how you live.

If you’re looking for a gift for an eco-friendly beloved and want to support them, there are many ways to do it. You can join their mission, educate yourself on what they practice, or gift them something that will help their goal and make their lives easier. This will show your thoughtfulness and surprise them. These eco-friendly products promote green living to conserve energy and prevent air and water pollution.

Buy Self-Watering Pots 

Gardening is becoming a common hobby nowadays. But not everyone has the space to create one in their outdoor space. People who live in apartments and houses with small or no yards are looking for alternatives to keep up with their hobby and buy self watering pots for gardening
These pots consist of two parts. The inner pot holds the plant and soil, and the outer part contains the water. The two containers are joined by a wick, and water is absorbed according to the plant’s needs. Self-watering pots have tons of advantages. 

self watering pots

Save Water

In this challenging time of global warming, water is a precious thing, and we should preserve it as much as possible. These containers minimize water wastage, lower evaporation and seepage by storing the water under the plant. The trapped water stays there until you pour it again on the plant. 

Preserve Nutrients 

When you water the plant the usual way, many of its nutrients get drained out. But with these containers, they remain in the pot as there’s no water leakage.

Healthy Root Growth

Water that floats on the bottom stimulates the root to grow and create a healthier plant, opposed to shallow watering that causes shallow root growth. 

Save Time 

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to take care of the plants, you can be sure the plants will be safe for a longer period with these watering pots. As long as there is ample water, the water cycle will continue. This leaves room for you to go on a vacation or a business trip without worrying your plants will wither.  

Saves Space 

Because of their size, you can use these containers anywhere on your patio, garden, home, windows, and terrace.  

Solar-Powered Phone Charger

Because we live in a digital world and are connected to our devices daily, manufacturers have found a way to make their charging eco-friendly. By creating the solar battery charger, they’ve contributed to lowering electricity usage and promoting using the sun as a charging source. This charger has solar panels that collect power from the sun and convert it into electricity.

The sunlight can be stored in the panels and used on a cloudy day or night. The main advantage is reducing environmental pollution. This is because solar energy is 100% renewable and eco-friendly. They lower the usage of coal and oil for creating electricity and prevent environmental pollution and global warming. Another great thing is that you can charge your phone in remote areas where electricity isn’t available, like when going camping and hiking. Unlike your friends who desperately need an outlet to plug their phones in, you’ll always have a charging source.

Using this charger is among the ways to reduce your electricity bill. We know how the world is facing a global energy crisis, and we need to do everything in our power to lower the impact and its consequences. Plus, they’re easily portable and light so that you can carry them anywhere with you.

solar powered phone charger

Reusable Straws

According to new research, did you know that there could be 14.4 million tons of microplastic at the bottom of the ocean? This is a considerable number, and unfortunately, it grows by the day. Single-use plastic straws are just the many products that contribute to this disaster every day. Now, it’s time to replace these straws with reusable, stainless steel drinking straws.

These straws are eco-friendly and reduce the amount of plastic in a landfill. As we know, much of this waste goes into the oceans and endangers marine life. Birds and fish suffer the most when they confuse plastic with food. They can either choke or swallow the plastic leading to their poisoning. Another good thing about them is they’re easily portable and usually come with a container of their own and a cleaning set. A simple wash with warm water, soap and a small cleaning brush will do the trick.

Using reusable straws will also lower your and your government’s cost. Yours in the long run, and the government will spend less money on cleaning and disposing of plastic from the landfills, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. We are sure this gift will be perfect for your environmentalist friend. And for you, think about it, next time you get your coffee in a shop, just don’t use a straw.

reusable straws

Bamboo Toothbrush

It’s recommended we change our plastic toothbrush every 3 or 4 months, now let’s say on average we change it twice, this means that every year 50 million plastic toothbrushes are disposed of just by Australians. Imagine the impact this has on the planet when we consider the whole population on earth. It can take over 400 years for a plastic toothbrush to decompose, so why not replace it with something more eco-friendly, like bamboo toothbrushes.

This is a good alternative because bamboo is natural and biodegradable. It’s flexible and has antibacterial properties. It decomposes in just a few months and doesn’t leave toxic chemicals behind. It cleans your teeth as good as any other plastic brush out there. Because bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable and sustainable plant, we’re sure it will never run out. These toothbrushes are a great way to start the environmentally friendly journey through life and keep the planet safe.

Compost Bin 

Composting works with a few elements combined, dear leaves, branches and dirt, fruit and vegetable scraps and water. When we mix it all and leave it in a container, it starts to compost over time. But if you don’t want a large bin outside or don’t have the space, there are small composting bins for everyday use. Depending on how much waste you produce, you can choose from different sizes. There are bins made out of sustainable materials like bamboo. They are odour free, so you don’t have to worry about the smell around the kitchen. All of them are washable and easily stored. If you want to help the environment, get a compost bin, or make your DIY system in the backyard. Either way will be a step in the right direction. 

composit bin


People are becoming more eco-friendly and are deciding to replace everyday plastic and toxic objects with suitable products that have the same function but don’t hurt the planet. You can also try stainless steel bottles, reusable produce bags, recycled plastic backpacks, compostable party plates, etc.

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