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How to Throw the Best Soccer-Themed Birthday Party for Your Kid


How to Throw the Best Soccer-Themed Birthday Party for Your Kid

Wow, time flies so fast, especially when you’re a parent. Watching your child grow each day is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling memories in your life. That is why, when their birthday arrives, you want it to be as memorable as possible.

Of course, sometimes all the planning and organising might be overwhelming, but knowing what they like makes the whole process more meaningful and easier. So, if your child loves soccer, use that as a theme for the birthday party and take your pick among the many sports cakes available. Let’s start!

Get the Right Invitations

Invitations are great for informing the guests of the upcoming celebration. You can get creative and think of unique soccer designs you want to incorporate into your invitations, or you can check online and print the ones you like.

Pick the Perfect Soccer-Inspired Cake

soccer themed sports cake on wooden table

Since you already know the theme and have prepared your invitations, you have an idea of what everything should look like so you can start planning and organizing.

The first thing on your list should be the cake. What is a birthday party without a cake? But not any cake will do. You need to find one that will make your child happy and light up their eyes. Luckily, there are so many beautifully made sports cakes that you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Since the theme for the party is soccer, you can choose a well-designed white tall cake with different coloured pentagons around it and a black acrylic soccer ball topper, if it fits your decorations.

However, if you want to make it more special, you can look for a customised photo cake. You can get a delicious chocolate mud cake decorated with a picture of their favourite team or favourite soccer player on top of it and have a customizable birthday message with his name or have the classic “Happy Birthday”. Not only will it taste like heaven, but it will bring joy to your little one.

Nevertheless, if you want to go for the ultimate surprise, you should get a soccer-inspired drip custom cake. It will look amazing with the drip and the many soccer cake toppers, such as jersey shirts of his favourite team, soccer balls, his favourite team logo and many others. You can even put one or a few sparkler candles to make it even more spectacular. Also, you can choose any flavour you and your kid want, such as caramel, vanilla, orange mud, marble, and others.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when shopping for sports birthday cakes is the serving size. How many people are you expecting, and will there be enough for everyone? For example, the sports cake you want to buy serves 25 people, but you expect more. In that case, you have to opt for a bigger one.

Soccer Birthday Party Decorations

soccer themed birthday party décor and sports cake

Once you’ve chosen the cake, next on the list is a soccer-themed decoration to make your kid feel like a soccer star.


Depending on what you’re going for, you can try to incorporate a balloon arch made of light and dark green with white and dark teal helium balloons. You may also add white and black printed confetti balloons to make it more fascinating while leaving a few balloons on the floor for fun; they’ll look great in photos, and the kids will enjoy playing with them.

If you want to skip the green colour, you can go for a black & white soccer themed balloon garland made out of black confetti and white soccer balloons.

Triangle Garlands

Apart from the balloon garland, you can try looking for some triangle garlands in yellow, green, black or whatever colours you think will work best. You can have the “Happy Birthday” ones or get others that show a soccer ball and “Goal” printed below.

Table Decorations

You can also use a few more green helium balloons tied to interesting balloon weights to decorate the middle of the table. Green soccer field tablecloths can be used to make it more fascinating if they match the rest of the decorations.

You can also have soccer ball cake pops or muffins with soccer balls on top of them. And to tie the whole look together, you can get some soccer napkins. There are many out there, from soccer balls to soccer fields, you name it.

Give Everyone a Jersey

To make the party more interesting, you can involve the other kids by giving each of them a soccer jersey. So, once they enter the room, it can feel more real. They will love wearing them and feeling like a team.

Soccer Games to Play

kids running after soccer ball

For the party to be successful, kids need some games to have fun while the adults relax. Although magnet toys are always interesting and kids can create different shapes with them, you can stick with soccer games. You can get creative and try to get everyone involved. But, what games can you play with a soccer ball? There are many out there, but here are three: classic mini soccer, run and freeze, and block in the middle.

Classic Mini Soccer

After the candles are blown out, you can take the fun outside and have a mini soccer match in your backyard. If you have enough space, you can make a mini soccer field by marking two goals with mini goal nets, cones or whatever you can find at home and divide them into two teams. Who scores more goals wins. It’s a classic soccer match but in a mini form.

Run and Freeze

Kids are happiest when they do any physical activity. On that note, you can mark a larger area in your backyard with whatever you can find in your house, such as garden hoses, cones, and others. Then you can line up the kids, tell them the rules and have them pull out paper stands. The one who pulled out the shortest will kick first and try to hit someone in the group. Of course, the kick mustn’t be strong and hurt someone. The player that’s hit has to reach and stop the ball. In the meantime, other players are running. Once the kicker stops the ball, he screams “Freeze”, and everyone has to stop.

Block in The Middle

You can play this game by arranging everyone in a circle with one person in the middle. The person in the middle tries to get the ball while everyone is passing it around. If the blocker in the middle gets the ball, then he and the other player switch places.

To sum up, birthday parties can be stressful, but once you have a vision of what you want, the planning process will be a lot easier. In the end, it’s all worth it as soon as you see the smile on your child’s face.

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