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How to Become a Successful Essential Oils Wholesaler


How to Become a Successful Essential Oils Wholesaler

There are a couple of important steps to take in order to start your own successful organic essential oils wholesale business.

Our modern world is thriving on businesses. It’s undeniably the best way you can both earn a good living and make a good impact on the environment. Nowadays, wholesalers are thriving more and more, thanks to the world we live in. A wholesaler is a person with a similar role as a dealer or distributor. Their job is to acquire large quantities of certain products from manufacturers and then proceed to sell them to other businesses or retailers. It makes an excellent money-making idea that almost anyone can do.

Now, to begin your wholesale journey, you must choose a competing brand to work with. Essential oils are a great starting point. They can be used by almost anyone and they offer a ton of benefits.


How Do I Become an Essential Oil Distributor?

There are a couple of important steps to take in order to start your own successful organic essential oils wholesale business.

Learn All About Essential Oils

It’s imperative to know the uses, kinds and benefits of the product you will be working with, which in this case is – essential oils. Think about it, how can you sell something if you do not know its purpose? So, you have to begin with reading about them and possibly using the oils yourself which will definitely help you learn more about their benefits.

Now, these products can be a bit tricky, because there are a lot of types and all of them provide the consumer with different advantages. For example, there are oils that are meant for the purpose of relaxation and de-stressing, like the infamous lavender oil or the calming chamomile oil. Others can be used for skin health, such as rose, sandalwood, French cypress or tea tree oil. They can even fall into the category of food spices, much like rosemary or basil oils.

Next, apart from the ingredients, you should collect other important information based on the oils. You should learn the country of origin and what the extraction process is like. Find out the way that the ingredients were grown and be sure to know the proper storing rules. Some oils may need to be stored in a cool and dry place, while others won’t require as much care. Lastly, it’s smart to learn the Latin name of the oil too.


Choose Your Supplier and Target Audience

Besides doing research on the oils alone, another important step is picking the brand you will be working on in accordance with your target audience.

As mentioned above, essential oil uses can vary, meaning your targeted consumers will also be different. So, let’s say that your goal is to sell essential oils meant for beauty and wellness purposes. Then you can start looking for a brand that offers essential oils and other products all meant for boosting good looks. Or, imagine that you want to provide oils that are used for spa and meditation. Then your needed brand should be based on offering their consumers products meant for relaxation and stress relief.

A smart tip here is to go for smaller, but uprising businesses. It wouldn’t work out as well if you went after a widely known company that probably won’t be needing your services. So, pick a supplier that can grow with you.


Get Your Licence

This is something that you will be required to do by law. If you really plan on expanding your business, then you must obtain your essential oils wholesale distributor licence. It will be a document that defines the need to obtain recognition registration to take on particular business activity. You just have to find your nearest business administration office and go register. Let’s not forget to mention that you will also be needing your own tax ID.

Pricing and Marketing Strategies

Setting up your price is a very important step. If you fail to do this correctly, you might find yourself not earning any profit at all. Your goal is to sell products to the retailer for a much more affordable price. What you can do is set up minimum order quantities that the supplier must buy. Another smart thing you can do is to have your own discounts, which will definitely lure retailers to buy your product. Just calculate everything and make sure you will be getting a good profit.

Marketing strategies are also a great way to boost up your business. The best and fastest way you can put yourself out there is by using social media. You can create various accounts based on your service on popular sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. After that, all you have to do is engage with your followers and make them interested in your business. A wise tip is to go for a social marketing course.


The Benefits of Wholesaling

If you are really considering getting on the wholesaling train, then take a look at the advantages that come with it.

  • A Fixed Margin of Profit – You will be earning a fixed profit rate;
  • A Smaller Need for Marketing – The suppliers are the ones that will need to spend a lot on marketing their own products, you just have to distribute them;
  • Discounts – Because of bulk buying, you will be getting a ton of price and quantity discounts from manufacturers;
  • Less Competition – Since you will be dealing with a specific product line from a specific producer, then the competition will be limited;
  • No Special Skills Required – You won’t need to interact directly with the consumers, so you won’t need to build up your selling skills.

The Takeaway

So, if you feel ready to take on the business world and make some money, the time is now. Set up your at-home ergonomic office, consider the requirements and register to begin your organic essential oils wholesale career today!

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