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Stay Hydrated in Style: Choose Stainless Steel Bottles Instead of Plastics

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Stay Hydrated in Style: Choose Stainless Steel Bottles Instead of Plastics

While most of us are aware of the importance of staying hydrated not only in the warm days of the year, especially now that healthy trends are practically everywhere around us, many still fail to drink enough water daily.

Sure, you may not be able to notice any dehydration signs, yet fact is it’s more common than we think. If you don’t want it to sneak up on you, there are ways to get in the habit of staying hydrated.

Yes, some find water to be a boring drink, and if this is you you can make it fun by using a nice bottle instead of adding flavours to it. In fact, a stylish 2l water bottle is a great investment considering the recommended amount to drink daily is about 2l which equals to eight 8 ounce glasses so you’d already have the needed amount measured up and carry it with you when you’re out and about, be it at work, running errands, travelling or when being at home.

2l water bottle

Have in mind the danger isn’t only in dehydration but the bottles you drink from too so while it’s necessary to drink plenty of water per day it’s also important to be mindful what the bottle you have consists of. If you want to know you’ve spent your money well without jeopardising your well-being, choose a stainless steel 2l water bottle.

The materials have a say in your well-being more than you know, and you might not even be aware of the harm lurking in plastic bottles coming from phthalates, lead and BPA. Did you know BPA, a chemical most plastic bottles are made of, can leach into the drinks?

Consuming it daily, it’s a chemical that affects the health badly, resulting in many issues, from infertility to thyroid disorders, diabetes, obesity and even central nervous system problems to name some. Likewise, there’s also the fact they’re disposable and harmful to the environment unlike stainless steel alternatives you’d get to use time and time again.

2l water bottle 4

Sure, there are different kinds of plastic but were you aware of the fact it takes about 450 years on average for plastic bottles to decompose in a landfill? This goes for small as much as for big ones with some even taking a whole millennium!

Shocking, I know! Do yourself a favour, drink up your daily amount of water from BPA-free bottles without worrying about harming your own health or the environment!

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