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A Guide to Baby Beds and Mattresses

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A Guide to Baby Beds and Mattresses

Infant beds are considered one of the most important must-have baby essentials. Even though some nursing moms find it easier for the baby to sleep next to them, practice shows that letting babies sleep in their own beds is recommended from day one, as opposed to a family bed. While in the first few months, it is okay for the baby’s bed to be in the parent’s room (for better observation), later on, it’s recommended for the baby to have his own room (if having a free room of course).

Which Bed Is Good for Newborn Baby?


When you’re trying to find a spacious and comfortable newborn baby bed, you need to consider the specifics of your situation, as well as the make and model you’d need. A cot is by far the most common contender but you can also look into one of the following:


Cribs are the typical go-to for most parents. These regular rectangle-shaped beds usually feature mattress bases that can be lowered, however, during the first few months when your baby does nothing else than sleeping and pooping, you can keep the mattress at the highest level for easier access. However, once your baby starts to hold the crib’s rail in order to get up, and once he tries to sit, you should immediately lower the mattress level to improve his safety.

The standard size of these regular cribs is 135.7cm x 76.4cm x 87.9cm with a mattress size of 120cm x 60cm. If you want to get the most out of your baby’s bed, then you should invest in a crib that can be converted into a toddler bed. One thing is certain, whether you choose a regular crib or one that converts, this kind of newborn baby bed is flexible, convenient and available in a range of models, designs looks and colours in order to meet all customers’ needs.

Mini Crib


These cribs have the same look as regular cribs only with one difference – their size. Usually, they have a dimension of 96.52cm x 60.96cm which is way smaller than the one of regular cribs and this makes them the perfect bed option for a certain period of time. They are mainly chosen for their space-savviness when placed in the parent’s room, when the baby shares a room with an older sibling or when having twins and having to place two beds in a room.

Oval Cot

If you want to create a fancy nursery, then you should certainly consider the idea of investing in an oval-shaped cot. Even though quite smaller than regular cribs, they have a unique design and are extremely eye-catching. The main downside is their shape which dictates you choose the same shape and size of both the mattress and the sheets.

Bassinet Crib

A bassinet crib is another bed option designed mainly for newborns. Because of their size and shape, they can be easily placed next to any bed or corner in the room. Usually, they have wheels which makes them extremely easy to move around the home. However, keep in mind that this is only a temporary sleeping solution, so buying a new bed for your little one will cost you more money later on.

Choosing the Right Type of Mattress


Once you have made the decision to buy a particular bed, it’s time to shop for the right mattress, and this should be done by taking into account all of the offered options on the market. Nowadays, the choice for newborn baby bed mattresses is huge ranging in material, firmness, durability and breathability which gives you the chance to easily find the one that you consider the best.

Types of Bed Mattresses

Memory Foam


Over the last few years, memory foam mattresses have taken first place in both children’s and adult mattresses. They are supportive, extremely comfortable and make no sound while laying or turning and switching sides. They truly are one-of-a-kind bed solution, just makes sure to find one that’s made from quality memory foam that’ll last many years.


These are the most affordable mattresses of them all because of the lack of pressure points. These mattresses have their innerspring connected to form a continuous unit. The opinions on their comfort are divided since not all can sleep on a mattress like that. And, the last thing that most people find annoying is the sound of the springs when laying and turning on it.

Pocket Coils


Unlike innerspring mattresses, the pocket coils of this mattress aren’t connected together to form a unit that decreases the motion when laying and turning on it. When compared to the previous model, these mattresses seem to last much longer which is another reason why they’re a more preferred option over innerspring mattresses. Whatever type of mattress you choose, make sure to add a protector on it to keep it safe from accidents which can be quite common in babies.

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