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How to Choose a Great Office Chair

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How to Choose a Great Office Chair

A good chair is a must if you spend most of your working hours sitting in front of a desk. A good chair ensures that your spine gets superb support, so it can stay in its natural shape, without causing you any discomfort or pain. Plus, it increases your comfort making your working day that easier to endure.

Choosing the right chair for your office can be a challenge if you don’t know exactly what to look for. It’s not only the looks and price that matter. The range of office chairs Australia wide is abundant and to pick the right one, you’ll have to consider your needs first. How long will you sit on a daily basis? Do you experience any pain (back, neck or shoulder pain)? Maybe you feel pressure in your hips, or perhaps you need a model that has adjustable backrest and height? Thinking about the materials is essential as well.

Taking all of this into account, here are some of the features you can find in an office chair.

Adjustable Controls

Women working on her office chair

Adjustable controls will allow you to set up the chair just the way you prefer. The adjustable controls should be right within the reach of your hand, below the seat. These controls can make the chair tilt, go higher or lower, swivel while in a fixed position and be able to rotate. But most important is to find a chair that is able to adjust precisely for your height.

The last thing you want is to have your feet in a weird position just because the chair is too low or too high. Ideally, your feet should be firmly on the ground and your knees in a 90-degree angle with the floor. A model with a pneumatic level will allow you to tweak the height easily. This is important if different people are using the chair, like for instance in a home office.

Additionally, having an adjustable backrest might save you from uncomfortable moments. If the backrest is attached to the seat, it should be moveable backward and forward. Make sure that there’s an aa locking mechanism that holds it in place so that it won’t tilt backward when you don’t expect it. A backrest that is separate from the seat should have an adjustable height, and you should be able to angle it however you please.

Casters are perfect for moving around the office without having to get up. Also, this is a good option for preventing damage to the floor (wooden, carpet, tiles). You can also get a chair mat if you want to be sure that the casters won’t scratch or ruin the flooring somehow.

Lumbar Support

Office chair for lower back and neck

Always go for models that have a contoured backrest. The lower part of your back can easily assume a bad position when sitting for a long time. Your lower back should be supported so it’s always slightly arched. If it isn’t, your back will get tired after a while and you’ll start slumping as the day progresses. This is the most common reason for low back pain. This is why it needs sufficient support.
An office chair shaped to fill in the gap in the lower part of your back will contour your spine naturally. When checking the stores selling office chairs Australia wide, make sure to look for a chair that has extra padding in this part. A suitable chair with lower back or lumbar support is crucial to reduce tension on the lumbar discs in your spine.

Seat Depth and Width

Your office chair seat should be wide and deep enough to allow you to sit comfortably. When buying your chair, go for a deeper seat if you are a tall person, and a shallower one if you aren’t so tall. You’ll know you’ve made the right choice if you can sit with your back against the backrest and have about 5-10 cm between the back of your knees and the seat of the office chair. Pick a chair that is wide and deep enough to let you adjust the tilt of the seat forward or backward.

Material and Padding

Get a chair made of a material that is soft, breathable and doesn’t make you sweaty. Since you’ll be sitting on this chair for a long time, it should feel comfortable even if you sit for hours. Fabric is a good choice, but some might prefer leather as well. If you don’t use the chair for long periods of time, leather might be a good choice. Leather chairs look luxurious and feel pleasant to sink in. However, on hot days they can make you sweaty.
Additionally, make sure you pick a chair with sufficient padding in the seat and backrest so when you sit, you won’t feel any pressure. But the padding shouldn’t be too soft either, nor should it lose its shape after a period of sitting. So, a chair that is neither too soft nor hard is the ideal option for your long working hours.


Office chair for armrests

An overlooked feature, armrests can ease things for you more than you think. When you don’t use your hands, you’d want to put them somewhere. Yes, you can rest them on the desk, but that might not be the best position for them. You want them to be in a neutral position where they are at a 90-degree angle with the floor – and this is what armrests provide.
Using armrests is a good way to take some of the pressure off your neck and shoulders. Ideally, the armrests should be adjustable as well, to allow you to set them in a way that lets your arms rest properly, Additionally, using the armrests can also keep you from slouching.

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