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Back Care: Reduce the Pressure From Long Term Sitting with a Kneeling Chair

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Back Care: Reduce the Pressure From Long Term Sitting with a Kneeling Chair

kneeling chair

Today, the majority of the workforce is confined to a desk and a chair. Because we spend the better part of our day sitting in front of a computer, health problems are sure to arise. The way most chairs are manufactured puts pressure on the spine which then leads to joint and muscle pain and the much dreaded back pain. If only our chairs were designed to promote a more comfortable and healthy sitting position…

But here’s some good news: Kneeling chairs! These types of office chairs are becoming increasingly popular with an abundance of models ranging from classic designs for as little as 150 dollars to state-of-the-art deluxe editions costing 10 times more. The reason why they are the latest fad in ergonomic office furniture is because they help the sitter prevent or relieve back pain in several ways.

Put an End to Lower Back Pain


Ergonomic kneeling chairs are designed in such a way that when you sit down, you automatically take a natural, upright posture. Because it lacks a back support, the kneeling chair encourages you to stay aligned without even thinking about it. Plus, this way of sitting with your knees bent end your feet parallel to your hips frees up the pelvic muscles that connect with the lower back. This way you can decrease the pressure on your facet joint responsible for making your back more flexible. Actually, the biggest amount of lower back pain stems from that particular joint and freeing it up from pressure helps relieve the pain. This is especially beneficial for people with lumbar lordosis where the back is curved inward.

Embrace Active Sitting


A regular chair promotes a so called passive sitting where your upper body is relaxed and slumped over or tense and straight. Both of these positions eventually lead to back problems and even spinal deformities. By contrast, a kneeling chair’s design promotes continual, controlled movement and active sitting. Because there’s no back rest, the upper body needs to support itself, and the way it does so is by activating the muscles to support the spine.

Strengthen the Core Muscles


The typical office chair has a 90-degree seat that supports the back. Because of this, the core muscles, instead of keeping you upright, start to relax and you begin to hunch over the desk. However, a kneeling chair activates the abdominals, lumbar and obliques to straighten your spine. While you might think this will only increase the stress you are experiencing and result in even more pain, you are very much mistaken. The core muscles are far stronger than the muscles around the spine and do a much better job in supporting it. Moreover, they do not exert too much to do this which means that you’ll feel no discomfort or pain. Nevertheless, this form of sitting will develop the core muscles with time, just like a mini core workout. Just think about it, you can be a step closer to a six-pack just by sitting.

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