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Create your Dream Bathroom with These Finishing Touches


Create your Dream Bathroom with These Finishing Touches

Whether you are installing a new bathroom or renovating/freshening up your old bathroom, like with everything, small things make a huge difference. You’ve already chosen the basics: the toilet, the basins, the tub, the shower. Now it’s time for the finishing touches.

There are many important things when it comes to the look of your bathroom – the colour of the walls, the patterns of the wallpapers and the tiles that frame the perfect backdrop. The bigger bathroom accessories, such as the sanitaryware can undoubtedly set the whole style. The lighting is what provides the ideal setup for a relaxing bath, or for looking at yourself in the mirror.

And, to complete your dream bathroom, never overlook the finishing details. Mirrors, furniture, faucets, bath plugs, drainage, even toothbrush holders and other smaller accessories will add not only to the efficiency, but also to the comfort and the style of your bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture

Consider what you need to store inside the room. Toilet paper rolls, toiletries, medicine, towels, make-up, jewellery, children bath toys. The main goal is to have enough storage space for everything. Nowadays there are many options for bathroom furniture for storing, from freestanding cabinets, shelves, to fitted toilet units or floor-standing sink units etc.

While you think about all your storage needs, also consider what might change in the near future, so that you don’t need to squeeze in more furniture, for instance, as your family grows.

Once you’ve thought about the efficiency of the furniture, the next step is style. For a contemporary bathroom, one of the most popular choices is white furniture, or furniture in light neutral colours. Light colours will make a small bathroom appear wider. Additionally, white can serve as a background for colourful towels and bathroom accessories, or as a contrast for darker-coloured walls or tiles, or to black basin or bath.

Alternatively, for a white bathroom, if you think that adding white furniture will make it feel sterile, consider furniture with wood-like finish for a warm contrast in your stylish bathroom.

For a more traditional style for your bathroom, you could go for wood finishes or vintage vanites. If you want to bring even more class to your bathroom, Hamptons style bathroom furniture is the perfect choice for you.


Mirrors are another piece that plays more than one role in a bathroom. Of course, its function is to give you your reflection so that you can get ready, shave, or put on makeup. But mirrors also play crucial part in decoration and style. They can complement the space, or even act like an art piece in the room. In a small bathroom, the most convenient thing is to choose a mirrored cabinet, so you have more storage room. Mirrors create an illusion giving the room a visual widening . This is perfect for both smaller and big bathrooms, because there can never be too much spaciousness in a bathroom.

Beautifully designed mirrors can also serve as a stylish focal point of the room. Depending on the style of your bathroom, there are many options. Mirrored cabinets are great and practical, and they can be very stylish. But if you have the space, having a nicely framed mirror, or two, will make it feel very luxurious. To add even more style, play with the mirror shape. Rectangular mirrors can be nice, but you can also choose round mirrors, or any other shape for striking individuality.


When it comes to bath taps, the functionality is pretty straightforward. You need your bathroom sink faucets, or your shower bath mixer to turn on water, and to feature two handles, or a lever able to turn left and right, for hot and cold water.

This leaves style as the main concern when choosing the tapware. Yes, the final look of your dream bathroom can depend a lot on such a small item… The options are endless – from shower bath mixer, bathroom sink mixer, to the regular lever tap. Bath tap designs also come in an incredible range of styles – from a faucet with vintage handles all the way to a modern futuristic tap.

Make sure to choose tapware that favours your bathroom style. Match a contemporary furniture with modern-looking tapware, or a bath tap with classic handles for a more traditional or classic bathroom.


Never underestimate the power of light to transform the entire appearance a room with all its elements. You have to choose good in order to favour the colours of your walls and floor, but also to show off the furniture, the bath, and the accessories you’ve so carefully picked. Even if you have a natural light source in your bathroom, properly placed artificial lights can make your bathroom even prettier, not to mention, the fixtures themselves will play an important part in the entire ensemble.

Install a light fixture. You can opt for a fixture on the ceiling or on the wall. Choose the design according to your bathroom style: something minimalistic, modern light fixtures, sophisticated sconces, more traditional style lighting, or even a chandelier. Also, don’t overlook the mirror. There should be another source of lighting, especially for your mirror. A wall light should be placed over it facing downwards, or there should be scones on each side, or any other layout you may find fitting.


As discussed so far, every single element, from the bath tub to the bathroom sink tap, on top of its purpose, plays a crucial role in the overall decor. This is the case even with the smallest accessories, such as the towel racks or hooks, tooth brush holders, toilet roll holders, soap dishes, etc.

These are most likely the last items on your to buy list for your bathroom. They may seem like the easiest and final part, but like with everything else, you should make sure they match the rest of the setting. Some of them will stand right at the focal point, and some will attract your eyes towards other elements. Of course, you don’t have to display everything in the open, especially if you don’t feel it will go well with everything else.

Even the towels and the bath rugs can be matched to the style and decor of the bathroom, for an even more integral look. If needed, accessories can even play the role of a blending agent, making elements that would otherwise be a mismatch visually complement each other.

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