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Closet Staples – The Types of Handbags Every Woman Should Own


Closet Staples – The Types of Handbags Every Woman Should Own

Handbags are the most hard-working accessories that we women own. So be honest with yourself – how many handbags do you really own? How many do you have stuffed in your hiding places all around the house? You probably have a bag or two under the bed, and maybe one in some old shoebox. Of course, the ones that you actually like and use are in places that you can easily access. The rest are stored away – never to be worn again. You know what they say – out of sight and out of mind. However, the truth of the matter is, there are only five must have handbags for ladies that can be used on different occasions.

cellini handbags

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A Tote Bag

What makes these exquisite women handbags popular is their size. They are very spacious, providing you with plenty of room for all your important belongings, including your notebook or laptop. Totes are usually simple-looking and that’s what makes them classy and easy to style. They come in various designs, from leather tote bags and reusable grocery models to waterproof beach bags. Tote bags are the most versatile type and the right model for you will mainly depend on your lifestyle. You can use them for travelling, shopping, going to the beach, etc. Tote bags are practical but also stylish and elegant. You can pair them with jeans, loafers and a tweed jacket when going out with friends. For a business meeting, you can pair them with a smart suit and brogues. Choose one in a neutral colour so that it goes well with most of your outfit combinations.

Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags can be found in different styles, so get the one that you’ll make the best use of. This model is not too big and not small – ideal for everyday outfits and events. Crossbody bags that have a zipper top are perfect for travelling and amusement parks. The fact that you don’t have to hold them enables you to have your hands free for managing your daily errands with ease. When it comes to colours, again, stick with neutrals as they can be easily paired.

YEN crossbody handbag

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A Dressy Handbag

No dressy outfit is ever complete without a fancy handbag. You need one dressy bag that goes well with most of your party outfits and can be easily paired with your little black dress. No matter whether you plan on going to a holiday party or a nice dinner, this type of women handbags will be your best companion. Black is the perfect colour for a dressy bag because it makes it look classic and simple. A chain strap is an added bonus that makes the bag more practical and luxurious. Choose one with a removable strap so you can wear it as a clutch for super dressy occasions.

A Backpack

Maybe this type of bag is less of a closet staple, especially for older women, but it’s definitely an essential piece for younger and modern ladies. These chic, functional and versatile bags are perfect for travelling as they leave your hands free. They are also a great choice when going to the gym, for carrying a laptop with you, etc. The new carryall works beyond the classroom. Just pack up all your cares and go. Choose a modern backpack in a cool printed canvas or sleek leather for a day-to-night adventure.


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A Weekender Bag

As their name suggests, weekender bags are the ideal choice for weekend trips or short vacations. They too are available in various sizes. Trolley bags are similar to weekender bags, the difference being that trolley bags have wheels for lugging. So, if you’re going on a short trip and don’t plan on taking much luggage with you, your best bet is opting for a weekender as they can be carried in hand. If you have a lot of luggage to carry, however, get a trolley to make the load easier transport. If you realize you need both types of bags, instead of buying both of them in different sizes, get a medium-sized weekender and large or extra large trolley. This simple trick can save you a lot of money down the road.

Buying Considerations

When shopping, keep in mind that nothing can replace the durability, convenience and style that leather bags provide. They are classy, elegant, sophisticated and easy to maintain. Pure leather is resistant to fungal attacks, dust mites and dry abrasion. So, regardless of the style of bag you choose, leather is always the right choice.

If you’re wondering where to buy ladies handbags, your best bet is shopping online. You can find plenty of stores that offer quality ladies handbags online Austalia wide. Shopping online enables you to compare prices and find just the right style from the comfort of your home.

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