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Get Down to Business with Tote Bags: The Perfect Addition to Your Work Wardrobe


Get Down to Business with Tote Bags: The Perfect Addition to Your Work Wardrobe

Who says that women cannot look and feel stylish while dressed in business formal clothes? On the contrary, nowadays women have all the freedom to be stylish and appealing at work even if having to wear a formal women’s suit. And the secret behind this lies in the details. Fashion accessories have always been one of the easiest and most powerful ways to jazz up any type of outfit, and formal wear isn’t an exception.

Wearing a scarf to work is always a good idea, and aside from wearing it over your blazer or around your neck, you can also wrap it around the handles of your bag. There are lots of handbags from which you can choose, but it seems that womens tote bags have won the hearts of most businesswomen in the world.

What Is a Tote Bag?

A tote bag is one of the few go-to bags that are especially beloved by working women because of the practical, spacious, stylish and chic properties all at once. Depending on the size you choose, lots of tote bags on the market are big enough to carry a laptop in them. Well, precisely this benefit is what makes them the most preferred fashion accessory of them all.

big tote bag

Timeless and versatile, today’s tote bags for sale are perfect for all occasions and not just for work. Being simple yet sleek, these bags can be combined with both business formal, formal, business casual and casual outfits. The large selection of sizes, colours, designs and accessories gives you the freedom to pick just the right model for your daily needs, but especially for work.

What is Formal Business Wear Exactly?

As the name suggests, business formal wear is all about enhancing the professional image of a workspace. It’s a style that allows women to dress more formally and elegantly. Business/formal wear consists of wearing crisp, formal and never wrinkled clothes in order to project a business formal image. The standard dress code for women in a business formal environment is wearing a full-matching suit that will consist of a jacket and dress pants/knee-length skirt.

Both the dresses and skirts shouldn’t be revealing, otherwise, you risk being sanctioned by your supervisor. Depending on the weather season, you can opt for the usual long sleeve jacket, ¾ length or short sleeve jacket. Some work environments that aren’t that strict may also allow you to wear a crop pant suit only that the pant hem should hit mid-calf. Regarding the top underneath the jacket, it’s allowed to wear a dress-material or collared blouse and shirt.

formal business wear

They should be tucked inside the skirt/pants or should fall just below the waistline without showing the stomach. A rule you should never skip on is making sure the top never hangs below the hem of the suit jacket. Depending on the company you’re working in, exceptions can be made, and you might be allowed to wear dress pants and suits with a blouse/shirt but without having to wear a suit jacket over them.

The colour of your diverse business wear pieces can vary, however, it’s always a good idea to stick with the basics black, navy and brownish colours. Wearing pantyhose during the warmer time of the year isn’t necessary, however, during the fall and winter seasons, wearing pantyhose or even darker tights is recommended.

Types of Tote Bags for Business Occasions

Classic Black Tote Bag

Black classic leather tote bag is one of the most versatile types of bags as it can be mixed and matched with any of your outfits, even if too formal or too casual. So, it isn’t strange that this is the most sought-after bag by women. The main fact that this tote bag allows being matched with classic formal dress suits and casual tracksuits makes it one-of-a-kind. And lastly, you really shouldn’t worry about the colour of the rest of your outfit since black can be paired literally with everything.

Brown Leather Bag

Brown tote bags for sale are another versatile type that can be mixed and matched with most of your business outfits. Whether wearing a black, navy, brown or a suit in a lighter colour, you can easily pair it with a nice brownish tote bag. Depending on your personal taste, you can always opt for one with an offbeat hue like pigeon grey, tan or burgundy.

brown leather tote bag

Tote Bag with Patterns and Prints

For those times when wanting to jazz up your dull black suit, you can always opt for women bags with print and pattern. The choice of such bags is huge, so you can easily choose from the large selection of abstract, floral, stripe and checker prints and patterns. Adding a bit of colour to your otherwise duller outfit is always a good idea, just make sure you don’t overdo things with the hues and patterns.

What Is the Average Size Of A Tote Bag?

Although the sizes of tote bags vary, it’s said that the average is around 33 x 38 cm. Usually, these bags have a big opening which makes them ideal for carrying any kind of documents and paper folders. However, variations are available, and you can choose between bags with a central zipper on the opening, side zippers, buttons and many other accessories.

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