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Wardrobe Tips for Women in the Corporate World


Wardrobe Tips for Women in the Corporate World

When you enter the corporate world, you come to understand the importance of clothes for success as they are part of the whole image you create for yourself. To put it in other words, being professional and looking professional are both crucial – you can’t have one without the other.

If you’re only counting on productivity and knowledge to climb up the ladder of success while completely overlooking your wardrobe, you’d end up climbing it longer than expected. Sure, nowadays the line between business wear and casual wear has become rather thin, but many offices still prefer smart clothes over relaxed street attire.

Even if you don’t work in an office with a strict dress code, you can still set an example. It’s easier than ever before to do so thanks to the versatile range of womens office clothing and footwear available at the stores. Don’t be surprised if your confidence grows as a result of the changes in your wardrobe!

Aspects to Pay Attention to When Shopping for Clothing



First and foremost, choose quality. You deserve more than cheap clothes that not only feel uncomfortable but wear out pretty fast. When you invest in pieces of quality, you’d be able to look and feel your best when wearing them, and don’t even get me started on reaping benefits like their outstanding durability!


Some of the desired properties of such women’s corporate wear are breathability, low-maintenance and wrinkle resistance. The last thing you need when wearing your work outfits is discomfort from all the trapped heat that makes you sweat uncontrollably, then spending a huge amount of time cleaning and ironing.



To be able to get all these properties for a crisp and professional look, the focus should be on the fabrics, preferably opting for natural materials known for their breathability and moisture-wicking ability like wool and the ideal organic bamboo fabric. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are also good, although not as much durable. In some cases, silk and linen are other options that are attractive, but you’d have to do some extra care to keep linen pieces looking perfect .


Dressing for the weather is another must because what works for the cold doesn’t work for the hot days. In spring and summer, it’s advisable to choose womens office clothing that’s light and breathable in the form of pieces like the classy polo shirts, fancy midi skirts, oxford shirtdresses, and dresses that aren’t too tight but are figure-flattering. Wide leg pants and slim pants with a bit of stretch are great choices as opposed to skinny jeans.

As for colours, neutrals and the soft palette are a safe bet, especially with trends easily coming and going. If you simply must have prints, keep them simple and avoid anything that’s too busy otherwise you risk visual clutter.

For the chilly weather, long sleeve shirts, all-things knitted like cardigans and sweaters, turtleneck tops and blazers are all more than welcome. What’s so great about tops such as these is you can wear them with jean pants for the business casual outcome, or stick to classy with the tailored pants. On the more feminine side, they make great additions with outfits with skirts too, and even in some cases with dresses. How does the combination of turtleneck top with sleeveless dress sound to you?

Aspects to Pay Attention to When Shopping for Shoes

Ladies’ business shoes

The footwear is part of your outfit too, so it deserves the same amount of attention. The struggle with picking the right pair is real because on the one side you want your shoes to be stylish, and on the other, you need a dose of comfort too, especially if you work 9 to 5 or are known for staying up late in the office.

Well, you’re in luck as many shops nowadays offer both in the same pair. When shopping, the same factors apply for office shoes as for the business attire for women.


Quality means your footwear won’t fall apart after a few months of undergoing wear and tear. And moreover, unlike cheap alternatives that are only appealing with their low prices, they would be the perfect fit you expect them to be. Make sure to invest in footwear made of durable materials such as full-grain leather and with quality stitching. The right fit is crucial for all-day comfort.



Forget about high heels that have no good properties to offer, mess up with your posture and cause all sorts of risks and foot aches and pains. Ladies’ business shoes with feet-friendly features such as adjustable straps, rubber outsoles for support, moulded footbed for arch support, padded insoles for impact reduction are a great investment.


When it comes to materials, you need those that offer you the utmost protection from the outside as well as on the inside. This is why genuine leather is ideal, because besides the shield it makes for you from the weather elements, it provides a breathable in-shoe environment too so you have all the comfort you need, without issues like sweat, odour and athlete’s foot.


Now, in terms of weather, throughout the hot days you can do well with orthotic sandals that keep your feet in place (no sliding), ballet flats, and wedges for the not so strict business outfits. Heel-wise, if you simply must have a pair of heels, you’d be better off opting for small and stable block heels.

As for the cold weather, you can pick from classy and chic designs like mocassins, loafers, oxford shoes and ankle and knee boots. With or without higher block heels, these are all great choices. Sneakers may be the most comfortable for you sometimes, but unless every day is casual Friday where you work, they’re not that fit for the office environment.

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