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Women’s Jumpsuits: Choosing According to Body Type


Women’s Jumpsuits: Choosing According to Body Type

Jumpsuits cover both the torso and legs which makes things easier for women, especially when out of ideas for outfit combos. The best part is that whether thin or curvy, every woman can easily find the right type of jumpsuit. The easiest way to do that is by taking into account the body type.

Jumpsuits for Pear Body Shape

There’s a vast choice of jumpsuits for women, however, this doesn’t mean that all of them will sit right on the body. Women with pear-shaped body tend to have a thin waist and wider hips which is why they need to opt for a jumpsuit that will make their body more appear more symmetrical. Fashion designers state that women with this body shape should make sure to bring attention to the upper part of their body. For instance, they should opt for halter neck jumpsuit or one without sleeves. A jumpsuit with a plunging neckline is also a great way to take the attention off the bottom part of the body. Now, when it comes to the fitting, women with pear body shape should avoid jumpsuits with too loose bottom fitting as they will make them look bigger. Regarding the length of the jumpsuit, it shouldn’t be shorter than the ankle length.

Jumpsuits for Apple Body Shape

Women with this body shape should stick to jumpsuits that have interesting leg features. This could be cuffed bottoms or harem (drape) bottoms. They certainly need to stay away from big prints and horizontal prints, especially on the torso. These women can surely opt for shorter length jumpsuit as that way, they will bring attention to the legs rather than the top – waist area.


Jumpsuits for Petite

Petite women should opt for jumpsuits with vertical stripes as they can add height to their petite size. The use of fashion accessories like belts is also acceptable for them. The key is to place them a little lower than the natural waistline as that way they will look taller. For the purpose, these women should opt for jumpsuits of a longer length and high heels in order to add to their height.

Jumpsuit for Plus-Size

Regarding the shape of the body, plus-size women should avoid wearing jumpsuits with horizontal stripes and in lighter colours. The type of fabric is of vital importance in this situation, as the thickness will determine good or bad a plus-size woman will look in a jumpsuit. For the purpose, they should stick with fabrics that can cling to the body like silk, soft chiffon, cotton and fine knits.


What are Jumpsuits Made of?

Generally speaking, the jumpsuit fabrics can affect the way women feel. Since there are lots of fabrics to choose from, here are the most basic things to know about them.

Slick Nylon

This is the lightest type of material which makes it very comfortable. However, this also means that it’s thinner and lighter colours can be very see-through. So, women should make sure that the chosen jumpsuit of this material has a mesh underneath.


This is another lightweight type of fabric and it has low drag. It is used for jumpsuits for women and suits and it is also recommended to be combined with a mesh underneath.



Cotton can come in different thickness levels depending on the purpose and type of jumpsuit. Without a doubt, this is one of the most commonly used materials for jumpsuits, especially for the ones designed for the warmer period of the year. It’s comfortable, light, breathable and stylish material that can come in a range of colours.

Viscose/Linen Blend

Linen is one of the oldest types of fabrics and it’s made from the fibres of flaxseed plant. When blended with viscose, this combo makes the perfect fabric for jumpsuit as it is soft, comfortable and less prone to wrinkling than 100% linen.


Jumpsuits from this fabric are usually perfect for more formal occasions. They are easy to work with, have high strength and elastic recovery and are almost impossible to wrinkle. Although a synthetic type of fabric, polyester is one of the most commonly used materials for the production of different types of clothes, not only for jumpsuits. It can come in different thicknesses which in fact explains its wide usage.

Note: Depending on the occasion, you can wear jumpsuits with heels and flats of all kinds. Wearing fashion accessories is also an option along with blazers, leather and denim jackets.

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