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All You Need to Know about Exercise Balls


All You Need to Know about Exercise Balls

What is an Exercise Stability Ball?

Yoga balls, or also known as exercise stability balls are pieces of equipment that are used for balance, strength and stability training. However, nowadays they are also used instead of office chairs as they offer more freedom of movement. That being said, they can also prevent the uncomfortable stiffness that comes with sitting in the same position for eight hours or more.



How to Use an Exercise Ball as a Chair?

Except for using the ball on its own, nowadays, you can take advantage of the actual fitness ball chairs. This means that you can invest in a set that consists of a chair, specially designed to fit the ball and lock it in place when sitting on it. It is said that exercise ball chairs feature the same balance that people use in their everyday ball workout routine. If you are new to this, it might take some time to get used to it, but once done, the benefits and liberation feeling would be inevitable.

Once you have it, you will have to inflate the ball until you can sit on it with your feet resting on the floor. In other words, your feet must be at 90-degree angle to the floor. Once set, you can sit on it by straightening your back and tightening the abdominal muscles. When placed on the desk, your arms should form a 90-degree angle and your shoulders should be relaxed. Incorrect arm positioning might cause arm and shoulder pain, so if this is the case, you might reconsider adjusting the height of your desk. A great tip you might find useful in the beginning is to widen your feet in order to increase your stability while sitting on this yoga ball chair. You might also need to adjust the height of your screen in order to prevent neck and shoulder strain.



Benefits of Office Exercise Ball Chairs

  1. The whole idea behind sitting on such balls instead of chairs is improved posture, so if you were wondering ‘Are balance ball chairs good for your back’?’ – the answer is yes.
  2. Ergonomic stability ball chairs usually have rolling wheels for easier re-positioning. If needed, they can be also locked, so you can have a greater stability.
  3. Along with the ball, these chairs offer ergonomic back support while working. It is great for aligning the spine, strengthening the core and enhancing your overall well-being. Aside from using them at work, you can use such ball for your everyday stretching and workout routine. This means they are dual-purpose. There are lots of amazing videos aimed at beginners, that can help you learn step by step how to shape your body and burn some calories.
  4. According to a study done by the University of Hamshire, you might burn some calories while sitting on an office exercise fitness ball chair. In fact, this is the dream of every person, right! – To lose weight while sitting.

What Size Exercise Ball is Best for Sitting at Desk?

Usually, each of the stability ball brands have listed size suggestions for the different heights on their online stores websites, so you can easily find the one that meets your personal needs.

Choosing the Right Ball Size

  1. If you are 150cm or shorter, a ball with a diameter of 45 cm would be enough.
  2. If you are somewhere between 155 cm and 170cm, you can opt for a 55cm ball.
  3. In case you are between 173cm and 185cm, a 65cm ball would be right for you.
  4. If you are taller than 184cm, then you will need a ball of 75cm.

Now, these measurements are super important for when buying a ball alone. But since you’ll be investing in a more stable version – an exercise ball chair, the size of the ball is not that important. These chairs are specially designed to meet the needs of each and every person.

When using it for the first time, it is not recommended to sit on this chair for long hours. Before you get rid of your desk chair, let your body get used to this switch gradually.

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