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The Different Types of Multi Tools and Why Everyone Should Own One


The Different Types of Multi Tools and Why Everyone Should Own One

Carrying an entire toolkit with you everywhere you go is not always practical. But sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you really wish you had your screwdriver, wrench or knife with you. It’s exactly these types of situations that multitools were invented for. These compact pieces of equipment can be easily fitted in a backpack or pocket and feature a range of different tools all in one. The right multitool can literally be a lifesaver in many different situations. But how do you decide which multitool is the right one? There are many different types of multi tools available on the market.multi tool types

Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Multitool

Even if you don’t consider yourself a handyman, you can still benefit from having a multi tool. You’ll be ready to perform a wide range of basic repairs around the home, or you can use it to help yourself survive in challenging circumstances. Even if the challenging circumstance is cracking open a cold beer, this gadget will make your life easier. But there’s more to multitools than just repairs or survival. You can use them for a wide range of problems, whether it’s tightening a loose screw or opening a food wrapper with the scissors that some units incorporate. The fact that multi tools are so portable and compact makes them easy to carry around.

Different Types

There are a couple of different types of multi tools and the difference between them is mainly based on what they’re intended for. The type of tool a camper may need is different than the one for an electrician. So, before you start looking for the ideal tool for you, you should first understand the different types and see what you’re looking for.multi tool online

Pocket Knife Multi Tool

This is one of the most standard types of multi tools, and its main attribute is the knife. Designed to be as functional as a dedicated pocket knife, these pocket knife models are one of the earliest types. While the knife is the focal point, it also includes a range of other handy tools, such as a can opener, a bottle opener, a screwdriver and wrench. In most scenarios, it won’t offer as much versatility as other types, but it’s great for someone who’s just looking for an everyday multi tool. It comes with all the basics, and nothing else. This can be seen as an advantage if you don’t need all the extra features, as you won’t be spending more money and carry the extra weight.

Military Multi Tool

Military multi tools are designed for both on the go repairs and survival. They usually include rifle disassembling/cleaning tools, which makes them ideal for hikers, campers and hunters. They also include everything you may need to survive in tough conditions, and they’re specifically designed to be as easy to operate as possible. You can open them easily and you only need one hand to operate them. Further, these tools are made using heavy-duty materials like stainless steel, allowing them to withstand excessive use and rough treatment. As a result, military multi tools are more expensive, but they’ll last you for a very long time.multi tools

Electrician Multi Tool

Electrician multi tools typically include all the standard tools you’ll find in pocket knife multi tools, but they also feature a range of wire cutters and electric crimpers, which is basically all the tools you need as an electrician. However, you don’t need to be an electrician to use them – there are many home repair tasks you can perform easily with their help.

Oscillating Multi Tool

Oscillating multi tools aren’t the type you’d stick in your pocket and carry around. Instead, they’re something you’d like to keep in your tool kit. They feature a motor with assorted attachments like screwdriver bits, sanders, etc. The motorised oscillation helps perform a wide range of tasks faster because it also maximises the amount of force applied. So instead of rotating the screwdriver by hand, you just push a button and fix the screws in a matter of seconds. Similarly, instead of sanding a surface by hand, you just press a button and the tool applies the oscillation and force necessary to quickly sand down the surface.


These are just some of the many different types of multi tools available today. The most popular brand in this field is Leatherman, and they alone have an extensive range of tools suitable for various applications. Just about anyone can benefit from owning a multi tool, which means it’s worth having one, even if it’s just for worst-case scenarios and emergency situations.

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