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Multi-Tools: The Must Have Camping Equipment Pieces


Multi-Tools: The Must Have Camping Equipment Pieces

Do you need a reason to go out bush? Spending time away from the hustle and bustle of city life is more than welcome, especially for us Australians. I don’t take my ancestors’ credit for passing the passion of camping as tradition from generation to generation, but I feel proud to say I won’t let tradition end with me.

Whether it’s the summer holiday or not, I go out camping as much as possible because nowadays when we’re so much in the company of technology, we forget the importance to reconnect with nature, so I make sure I have the time for the great outdoors, packing up enough multi tools to help me with my adventures.

I consider them to be essential pieces of camping equipment because a tool can be of use for anything, and even save you in certain situations. Yes, when you’re camping, you can’t always pack up lots of belongings, but tools are the “just-in-case” you have to take with you.

Besides, they are becoming more and more compact nowadays, and still not at the expense of a variety of tools in one. I’ve owned different tools over the years, but some brands, in the likes of Leatherman, Victorinox and Kingcamp, stand out with their designs.

It’s not easy to make up your mind on the multi tools to buy, because there are too many options, at least it wasn’t always easy for me, yet I’ve realised the style of camping dictates the size as well as the number of tools you need in one.

If you are backpacking, you need something lightweight, but at the same time versatile, like the Leatherman Wave Plus, Micra, or the Victorinox SwissTool, for instance.

Glampers might have their own toolboxes packed up, so they only need a basic multi-tool (e.g. the knife and pliers combination), whereas those who take camping as a survival adventure would need the tools ideal for, well, surviving, Bear Grylls style.

Regardless whether you’re going to use this multi-tool only for camping or at home as well, it’s not the purchase where you should refrain from choosing quality. When you buy quality you buy something that will last for years, as it’s made of top-notch materials, such as titanium and stainless steel, guaranteeing strength and durability.

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