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New to Metal Detecting? Consider These Four Beginner Metal Detectors!


New to Metal Detecting? Consider These Four Beginner Metal Detectors!

A hiking trip on your own shouldn’t start without a headlamp so you can explore the outdoors as much as you want, as long as you want. However, this journey of yours can become even better when having a scavenger hunt of your own.

To make this game even more thrilling and precious, you can bring a metal detector with you to help you collect some valuable items. The pleasure of discovering gold, or any other more valuable metal item, is exhilarating to say the least, and a detector of this kind will help you become more precise in your search and distinguish something valuable from something insignificant.

How to Find the Right Metal Detector?

Well, the first thing you should have in mind when choosing the right detector for metal is to consider its quality and sensitivity. The higher its sensitivity, the easier to find something. Such detectors can usually go deeper, so the chances that you’ll find something are greater.

A quality and durable metal detector should also have adjustable discrimination levels that are perfect for filtering metals. It would be also great if the chosen model also has an adjustable length for easier storage, and an LCD screen display in order to show you what kind of metal is found.

What Are the Best Models for Beginners?

Minelab Gold Monster 1000

This detector for metals from Minelab is the best thing you can have since it’s designed for novice detectorists. According to the manufacturer, the high-performance Gold Monster 1000 can turn beginners into experts thanks to its fully automatic operation that doesn’t compromise its operation. That being said, this reliable detector is extremely easy to use, and it’s also accurate, durable, and of quality.

It has an automatic noise cancel, auto ground balance and an automatic sensitivity. This combo boosts its sensitivity to gold without introducing excess noise or some other false signals. It outperforms all other VLF (very low frequency) gold detectors since generally low frequencies are more sensitive to bigger gold items, while higher frequencies are more sensitive to smaller gold items. Luckily, this detector is a combo of both of them – optimal sensitivity and frequency.

This Minelab’s metal detector has a simple interface and minimum buttons which makes it easy to use even by those of you who touch a metal detector for the first time. This mighty design is waterproof and highly adaptable, and can work on all terrains and conditions, even in Australia and Africa. It also has a simple and easy-to-read visual indicator on the screen that can display the probability of the presence of gold items in the searched area below the coil.

The 2 detection modes the Gold Monster 1000 comes with are designed for different purposes which allows you to select the right one according to your needs. That being said, you can choose from :

Gold Mode (with Iron Reject) which is suitable for detecting gold ore.
Deep All-Metal Mode which is designed for detecting all other types of metals.
This golden monster also has three sensitivity settings, allowing you to choose between:

Manual for manual sensitivity adjustment.
Auto for automatic sensitivity adjustment.
Auto + for automatic sensitivity adjustment that is more accurate.

How Deep Can GOLD MONSTER 1000 Detect?

This monster of metal detectors for beginners can go up to 2 metres underground.

Garrett ACE 400

This is just another type of basic metal detector designed for all those of you who want to look for buried treasure in the bushes. This easy-to-use metal detector is great for finding coins, jewellery, relics, copper wire and valuable metals as well. Thanks to its electromagnetic field, the Garrett ACE 400 is ideal for wide-area and depth detection with the results being shown on its bright and easy-to-read display. Just like the previous model, this one also has many handy and easy-to-use features like discriminate iron targets with Iron audio, 10 kHz adjustable frequency, target ID (LCD screen), all metal mode and the ability to search in five different ways.


This waterproof multi-frequency metal detector can detect various metal activities both shallow and deep. It has a gold field program designed for highly mineralised gold-bearing ground. Some of the greatest features it has is that it’s waterproof and has a 9” or 11” waterproof coil. It works on 4 – 45 kHz frequency and has a fast multi-frequency technology.

Detech Relic Striker

This metal detector will help you find jewellery and relics anywhere. It’s lightweight, and it has a carbon fibre pole that features manual and automatic ground balance. This is a basic type of metal detector that has the brand’s patented 18×15” Symmetric Electromagnetic Filed SEF search coil ships. It has sensitivity adjustment and a two-tone Audio ID. When summed up, all of its features seem great at providing improved ground balance, target and pinpointing identification. This easy-to-use detector is pretty effective at finding targets at different depths, so you should certainly consider the idea of owning one.

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