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Kick Scooter for Kids: Get Some Exercise While Having Fun


Kick Scooter for Kids: Get Some Exercise While Having Fun

Scooters are an excellent way for kids to get around and for their parents to embrace their playful sides. They are the modern alternative of bicycles which allows kids to enjoy a ride while getting some exercise. With so many developments in technology, kids these days rarely go out, and most don’t have the right motivation to do so. This is where buying a kick scooter for kids will make your child look forward to going out for a ride.

There are plenty of shops that offer many styles of kick scooter for kids, including two foot platforms, a tricycle style scooter or conventional scooters with two wheels where the rider keeps both his feet in the center of the single stand. They come in multiple sizes, which means they can accommodate a kid of any size and age. The fabric they are most commonly made of is aluminum and you have a wide variation of colours to pick from as well as many accessories like stickers to personalize them even more.

Three wheeled scooters are recommended for kids that haven’t picked up scooter riding as a skill set yet. They generally require less balance and provide more stability. Two wheeled kick scooters are for kids who already know the basics, these are usually faster, but require the kid to keep better balance.

Some things you need to consider when you’re looking to buy a kick scooter for a kid are:

  • Wheels – Knowing the different types will help you decide what kind of surface he/she can ride the scooter on. Narrow and long wheels are best for non-asphalted and bumpy roads, but they are harder to control. Rubber wheels are the most common ones, but they are only great on smooth surfaces and can help push to faster speeds, which is not something all parents would prefer. In general, the wider the wheel, the more stability it offers.
  • Material – Scooters can be made from plastic, metal or a hybrid of both. Plastic scooters are for younger kids, they are light and perfect for smaller children but won’t last much when the kid grows up and starts riding fast. Metal on the other hand, is heavier and more durable. Most common metals are a combination of aluminum or steel.
  • Brakes – This is one of the most important features of a scooter. There are usually two types – front and rear brakes. While the front brake can be convenient at times, it’s not recommendable for high speeds as a kid can easily get injured if he uses it recklessly. It’s best that you pick one with a rear brake.

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