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8 Classy Ideas for the Perfect Corporate Gift

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8 Classy Ideas for the Perfect Corporate Gift

Corporate gifts are the same as other gifts in that they help express thoughtfulness and care. The best gifts have something special about them that shows you really put some thought into finding something great. What do people like? What can you do to make the gift unique? Asking yourself these two crucial questions is how you make an impression that lasts.

Always remember what you’re celebrating, and what the reason for your gifting is, because different situations require different gifts. If Christmas is coming up, think about getting a creative corporate holiday gift that has something to do with the season. Also, think about who the gifts are for. A gift for a potential client will likely be different from one for a long-time friend at the office.

No matter if it’s for clients or employees, the best gift is also professional. Think about how people will react when they get them. If you think they might feel even a little bit uncomfortable, don’t send them. Your gifts should also be equitable. For example, if you give some people coffee mugs or wireless speakers, don’t give others something else that’s way too expensive. Spend the same amount of time and money on each gift to prevent hard feelings. Here are eight ideas of great corporate gifts:

1.Office Desk Supplies

Office Desk Supplies

Desk supplies are practical gifts and personalizing them can make them much more valuable. You can have someone’s name put on pens or notebooks that they could use every day at work. When your employees or co-workers use the stationery you give them, they will always be reminded of you.

For instance, designer fountain pens are a classic because of their rich flow of ink and graceful curve that makes writing that much more pleasurable. There’s no other pen that could compare. They’re more than just a tool for writing. Unlike regular pens, they’re refillable, elegant, and expressive, and they perfectly capture the craft of pen on paper.

Moreover, fountain pens carry with them the symbolism of wishing the giftee a successful career as they’re crucial in different professional settings, from finishing up important projects to signing up paperwork. It’s the perfect office supply idea! To make the gift even more special, choose such pens that are also very presentable and come with their own special boxes, equipped with accessories like cartridge refills.

This would help you go a step further in the gift-giving experience, and show you care about your giftee and their traditional handwriting experience. To make the present even more personal, check to see if it’s possible to engrave or print the recipient’s name on the fountain pen itself or the box it comes in.

2.Wireless Charging Station

A wireless charging stand is another unique addition to an office desk. People can easily charge their phones at work, and they don’t take up much table space, so they make a great corporate gift for anyone. Remote workers may have even more trouble with desk clutter, so this small addition could help them a lot.

3.Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

During the pandemic, we’ve all had our fair share of Zoom meetings, and we’ve all been distracted by noise from someone’s home. Noise-cancelling headphones make it easier to have a virtual meeting by making the sound smooth no matter what is going on around. With such a gift, not only can your recipient keep up with the meeting better, but so can everyone else. If you want to give them something more minimalist, earbuds are also a great choice.

4.Office Plants

office desk with office supplies and office plants

People are always looking for ways to make their offices more interesting. Give them a peace lily, bamboo or succulents in pots instead of a bouquet of flowers to add a permanent splash of colour to any room. They are easy to take care of and very cheap, which makes them a great gift for your team that everyone will benefit from.

5.Coffee Subscription

Appreciate the coffee lovers on your team for working hard by getting them a coffee subscription. Keep the order options simple, or send a coffee gift basket to them directly. Virtually ordering coffee is here to stay, so jump on the bandwagon and let your corporate friends have a few free cups of coffee.

6.Beer or Wine Tasting

beer in the box with bow as gift

Beer box sets or bottles of natural wine are a classy addition to corporate gift boxes, but why not go further and organise a fancy tasting session or virtual happy hour? This creative idea is great for employees because they can get to know each other better over a drink after work, much like it is for clients who like to try new things. But remember that you should know the recipient, and certain personal detail about them before getting the gift because nor everyone likes alcohol or appreciates wine o’clock.

7.Reusable Water Bottle

Promoting green values in your company is always a good idea. Reusable stainless steel water bottles not only stop the daily waste of single-use plastic bottles, but they also let you show that your organisation is doing something good. If it’s for an employee, you could put the company logo on the bottle. If it’s for your boss or a co-worker, you could just look for a classy design with a small neutral logo.

8.Work Meal

Buying someone a meal has been a standard business gift for a long time, and it always will be that way. You could give them a gift card, or you could instead invite them to lunch and tell them to leave their wallets at home because you’re celebrating some of their recent success, their birthday, or any other appropriate occasion for the co-worker whom you’ve known for a longer time. Buying a work meal is also a great way to get to know someone, so gathering around the newest employees and taking them to lunch can be a great corporate icebreaker!

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