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Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Ergonomic Workspace

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Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Ergonomic Workspace

Nowadays, many workplaces have started incorporating ergonomic chairs and desks in the offices, improving their workers’ health and preventing health issues. And that’s for some good reasons; an ergonomic office setting can boost productivity and work quality and make employees happier. But what are the essential pieces of furniture, and what do you need to pay attention to when buying them?


sit/stand desk

The sit to stand desk is getting more and more popular by the day. Many workers who are stuck sitting for more than 8 hours choose this option because sitting for such a long time can severely impact our health and lead to many diseases. There are many reasons to buy sit stand desk for your office, including the following.

No Weight Gain and Obesity

Sitting too much and not having any physical activity are reasons for obesity and weight gain. When you buy sit stand desk and start using it, you will be standing much more, thus burning around 170 calories more than usual. Even if it doesn’t look much, it still makes a big difference.

Keep You Active

Making small movements and having some active moments during your working hours will help you stay awake and focused. By changing your position from sitting to standing, you keep the body moving and generate energy.

Improves Posture

With the right sit to stand desk, it will be easier for you to maintain a good posture. The weight will be shifting between legs wrists to hover over the keyboard comfortably, monitor at eye level and 100-degree angle to bend your arms. This will ease neck discomfort and back pain.

Mood and Productivity Booster

Standing up from your chair can make you more focused and boost your mood. You could do a little dance, a bit of exercise or a short walk around the office. Studies show that your productivity will increase by 50% when doing this.

Reduce Back Pain

Studies show that standing desks can significantly reduce back pain. Plus, they improve blood circulation, prevent blood clots, improve our balance and strength, reduce the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome, and help lengthen your lifespan. Combining this desk, chair and some exercise, you’ll get the perfect combination for a healthier and more productive working environment.


ergonomic chair

Having an ergonomic chair is no longer a luxury but an actual necessity for every worker that spends eight or more hours sitting in front of a computer. Sitting in the right ergonomic office chair can prevent health complications such as heart disease, thrombosis, diabetes and serious bone and muscle pains. It can improve posture and ease back pain. Besides these, there are many benefits of having an ergonomic work chair.

Posture Support

Standard chairs lack ergonomics and can only worsen your posture. You lean forward because of this anomaly, leading to back and neck pain. Ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable and fix this problem. They support your spine by giving it a natural sitting position and help you stay that way.

Ease Pain

Did you know that around 4 million Australians, or 16% of the population, suffers from back pain? This is a huge number, and it’s increasing every day. You won’t have this problem with the ergonomic chairs. They are designed to fit the natural curve of your spine, and they support the critical pain points at all times. This includes both the back and the neck.

Relieve Hip Pressure

Ergonomic chairs support the hip and reduce and relieve hip pressure. This is because they have a lot of padding and sufficient depth to hold the weight of your body.

Fully Adjustable

These chairs are adjustable because everyone’s body is different. Look for a chair that has adjustments on the height and depth of the seat, back recline and adjustable armrests. This way, you can make the chair fit your shape and size.

Improve Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation is important. By putting your body at the perfect sitting angle, you’ll reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Boost Productivity

When workers are comfortable, they’re happy, less distracted and healthy. This leads to increased productivity and improved work quality.


ergonomic mouse vs regular mouse

The standard mouse we use can be damaging to our muscles and nerves. Even though it’s a small accessory, it significantly impacts our health. An ergonomic mouse will relieve muscle tension, ease discomfort and cause long-term damage. It’s designed to fit the hand naturally and keeps the hands, elbows and wrists in good posture. This vertical mouse will prevent inflammation and won’t let your upper extremities be in a cramped position.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI (repetitive strain injury) are the most common diseases a standard mouse can cause. It can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for our joints, shoulders and neck. The ergonomic mouse is also really comfortable for people who have arthritis; you don’t have to strain, twist or stretch to accomplish your tasks. The “shaking hands” position this mouse allows relieves pain and feels more natural than having to twist your arm and strain your fingers and wrists.


ergonomic keyboard

Even though ergonomic keyboards were invented in the 90s, many people aren’t aware of their existence. This keyboard is designed to improve productivity, ease pain and fatigue and bring comfort to the working place. They keep your hands in a correct position when typing for a more extended period. There are three types of ergonomic keyboards:

  • Contoured – shaped like waves or domes;
  • Split – come in two separated segments;
  • Angled – slightly inclined.

Using this keyboard eliminates strain and discomfort because your wrist and forearm have enough space between them to keep them in a natural typing position. The shoulder alignment is correct, and there is no strain on the muscles. You’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable, and your productivity will rise. With an ergonomic keyboard, you’ll forget about tired arms, back pain, wrist discomfort and shoulder stiffness.


If you’re feeling any of the discomforts or pains we mentioned, consider these ergonomic changes in your life. They’ll make a tremendous difference. You’ll be happier, healthier and more productive. You can also try some exercise, move more, position your monitor correctly, add dome seat cushions and even footrests.

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