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Life with Disability: Get Your Independence with Platform Lifts

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Life with Disability: Get Your Independence with Platform Lifts

Struggling and facing challenges in life is part of it, it’s what makes us stronger, shows us what we’re made of and inspires us to keep on going but when you’re living with disabilities like mobility impairment life is more of a struggle as you feel more vulnerable, especially when you’re dealing with additional challenges along the way.

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This is so because it can be at the expense of independent life however we do live in a time of advancements and innovation, so we can count on the help of means such as the various disability aids as well as access solutions like the more than useful platform lifts also known as wheelchair lifts which can be both vertical and inclined, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, straight and curved stairs, public and private buildings.

Their design has been so enhanced that there’s no need for too much space to have them installed, unlike the alternative ramps that take up a lot of space, and this makes them great for both old and new buildings. Perhaps even a more convincing reason in their favour is the fact inclined and vertical platform lift prices are more affordable than ever. Still, there are certain factors that determine the price and it’s advisable to give them a thought prior to the purchasing decision.

Starting from the important aspects, the height of travel along with the platform sizes, weight capacity, the number of access points plus the choice of materials, be they glazed or plain, all have a say in it, followed by specific needs regarding the doors, whether they’d be automated or not and the necessity to customise some features such as the colours, landing gates, the seating and a telephone for emergencies.

There are different models of platform lifts, from enclosed and shaftway to opal and stage though you can have your own lift tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, the inclined and vertical platform lift prices also depend on all the costs that stem from the preparations and installation, which includes labour and electrical requirements.

Thanks to the ease of use and the outstanding design platform lifts are a much better option than the high-end expensive elevators and inconvenient stairlifts. Apart from providing people with the independence they need to use them and the reliability they offer even when power is out, they’re sturdy and durable which makes them a great investment, more so as you won’t have to maintain them with regular charge.

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