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7 Medical Supplies That Every Modern Hospital Needs

Medical Equipment

7 Medical Supplies That Every Modern Hospital Needs

We’re witnesses to the constant technological development and the new innovations that are presented to us on daily basis. This caused a lot of revolutionary changes in the ways of operating for every existing industry. And the healthcare industry is not an exception at all.

The technological innovations in the healthcare industry are so advanced and there’s a wide range of choices when it comes to investing in modern medical machinery. However, hospitals shouldn’t overlook the traditional materials handling supplies either.

Most of us consider materials handling to be only industrial-based. But in reality, hospitals and other businesses that are part of the healthcare sector rely on a variety of tools and machinery to successfully manage the flow of medical supplies inside the premises. Here are some materials handling solutions you can find at reputable medical equipment suppliers in Australia and without which a modern hospital can’t be imagined to operate.

Hand Sanitiser Stations

While being a must for the healthcare industry for many decades, the COVID-19 era made hand sanitiser stations essential supplies for every industry. As a healthcare provider, you’re probably familiar with the fact that a hospital is a place that should be 100% clean and sanitized, and the hygiene starts from the people. The patients and the employees must be provided with the ability to constantly disinfect their hands.

Today, medical equipment suppliers are facing a huge demand for hand sanitizing products. If a hospital wants to keep the reputation of being highly-sanitized, COVID-19 free place, then the hand sanitiser station is a must-have for every front door, hallway and room.

medical hand sanitize station


Computer Carts

When it comes to medical office supplies, a mobile computer cart is something that can be very useful. This little solution makes work easier by offering the ability to stand while you work and transport it wherever it’s needed to be.

And as a healthcare provider, you probably know the importance of having an ergonomic office chair. So, you’ll understand the need for a computer cart once you feel the pain in your knees caused by the constant sitting. Standing while working keeps your body active, and being active can boost yours and your employees’ health.


A variety of secure and sturdy cabinets should be found in every room of a modern hospital – from lockers for the employees’ and the patients’ personal belongings to cabinets and shelves for the hospital’s files, and safety lockers where all the corrosive and flammable liquids or medicines are kept. Medical cabinets can be stationary or mobile, depending on your needs.



Having at least one cabinet per room, will give healthcare providers the ability to store and organise all the messy documents, medical devices and tools, and make the space look tidier and cleaner. They are very practical and handy, as they provide a designated space of different equipment, allowing the healthcare workers to always have what they need within immediate reach.


A trolley is the ultimate medical equipment for materials handling. It allows people to conveniently transport everything they need from one room to another. From carrying dirty sheets and beddings to the laundry room to bringing the clean ones back to the rooms, or transporting the necessary medical tools and devices from one place to another – a good set of trolleys can make people’s jobs easier. Medical trolleys often come with guard rails, which prevent items from falling out of the trolley while being pushed around.

emergency tolley for hospital nurse


Some types also feature drawers, which are ideal for keeping medicines, syringes or other important supplies needed to take care of the patients. They cam perfectly fit into every room and have movable wheels that make maneuvering them around the space very easy. Also, they are made of stainless steel, which means they can be cleaned and disinfected easily. These are some of the reasons why modern hospitals should have at least one of these trolleys in most of their rooms.

Service Carts

Service carts are other items that can make hauling different materials easier. But unlike trolleys that store everything out in the open, service carts can come with lockable front doors. This way, you can protect important medical supplies from theft and damage.

The service carts are portable just like trolleys. When you find the right spot to work from, simply activate the brakes, and place the service cart in a position that can “assist” you as you work by holding all the items you need.

Portable Tilt-Pak Storage Units

A tilt-pak storage unit might come in handy when it comes to storing little things that can be easily lost. This storage solution comes with many little drawers, where you neatly can store pills by types, disposable needles, pins, or other tiny medical products. The drawers of a tilt-pak are usually transparent, which gives you the ability to quickly identify the stored components in emergencies.

As much as it’s handy because it can be used as a portable carry case, it can also be mounted on a wall. Another helpful feature of a tilt-pak is that it can be secured shut with lock-in clips to avoid accidental spillage.

Floor Sweeping Machine

In addition to the hand sanitiser stations, a modern sanitary hospital won’t be complete without mobile floor sweeping machine. Even though these machines aren’t categorised as materials handling solutions, they are usually sold by the suppliers of medical trolleys and cabinets. So, while you’re buying the important tools for organisation and transportation of your supplies, you may want to check out the range of floor-sweeping machines too.



This type of machine works by picking up all the waste with the rollers and the brushes when it’s simply pushed along. Having a floor-sweeping machine is a great way to make your employees’ job easier, and boost their motivation to maintain the image of a clean, highly-sanitary hospital.

The list of useful medical supplies doesn’t stop here. A hospital could also use a laundry cart for a complete list of laundry supplies, waste bins for different products and purposes, first aid boxes etc. The goal is to make medical workers’ job easier, so never hesitate to provide them with these simple supplies that might seem small, but have a big role in the healthcare industry.

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