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A Guide to Dog Crates: Give Your Pooch a Safe and Comfortable Confinement


A Guide to Dog Crates: Give Your Pooch a Safe and Comfortable Confinement

Dogs are den creatures, so providing a crate, also called a cage, in your home gives them a comfortable place to retreat to when they need it. This is useful for getting them a safe place to sleep in at night, to go to when the world is chaotic and frightening, or keep him safe when you can’t watch him.

Moreover, not only will the right crate give your dog a spot to de-stress, but it will also help with potty training, as well as when travelling, attending shows and events, or recovering from surgery. That’s why choosing the right one for your pup is such an important decision. To get things right, check out the following guidelines.

Choose Collapsible Over Non-Collapsible Designs

If versatility and function are everything you look for in a crate, lightweight and secure collapsible dog cages made of premium materials are the best you can get for your dog! They are easy to move from one place to another, fold up for convenient storage, and travel as well. However, when on the hunt for the best collapsible dog crate, you will want to get the right material.

Collapsible dog cages

The most popular material for collapsible cages is metal, which is great for crate training and puppies since it can withstand more tenacious teeth and claws. These are often on the more affordable end of the crate spectrum, and frequently have detachable dividers so your crate may expand with your dog. The only drawback? Some of them can be a bit unattractive.

Collapsible wood crates, on the other hand, are more appealing because they are typically made to be fashionable and fit well with house décor. They’re often more enclosed, providing some seclusion for reactive and fearful dogs. However, when putting your canine in a collapsible dog crate made of wood, make sure they have been crate trained as they aren’t the right option for shark-like breeds such as chompers or teething puppies.

They are often “one-size-fits-all,” therefore adult dogs are better suited to use them than developing puppies. One of the most frequently asked questions when speaking of collapsible crates made of cloth is “Are soft-sided dog crates any good?”. Yes, they are ideal for a dog on the road as they are lighter and simpler to pack and carry. But that’s not all!

They are frequently adaptable, allowing you to use them at home, in the automobile, and even when camping. Moreover, soft padded collapsible cages can make things simpler for the pet ground transport service when moving to a new home. Since the fabric material is more difficult to clean up after accidents and soft material is easily destroyed by powerful chewers, collapsible soft crates are better suited for dogs that have already been trained to use them.

The Size Does Matter

Size is probably one of the most important features when choosing the ideal crate for your furry friend as they need enough space inside the crate to stand, sit, and lay down without feeling cramped. Therefore, you’ll want collapsible dog cages that are roomy, but not excessively big as this may encourage dogs to relieve themselves in them. Also, consider an extendable crate for pups that is the same size as the breed’s average adult size.

As your puppy develops, you may alter their divider to make more room inside. To choose the right crate size, measure your dog’s height from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet when he is standing. To determine length, measure your pup from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Finally, to determine the height and length you’ll need, multiply each dimension by three to four inches.

Pick Both Comfort and Sturdiness

For your dog to breathe correctly, all dog crates must have adequate ventilation holes or mesh cloth on the sides. If your dog doesn’t frequently chew on fabric objects, add a comfortable, machine-washable bed inside the crate to make it more pleasant. In addition, many crates include matching beds that you can easily take out and clean.

secure collapsible dog cages

Because these units are used as a secure place for your dog to spend the day and night as well as receive proper potty training, it’s crucial to choose a model that is sturdy enough to stand the test of time! One with well-ventilated wire mesh sides works best because this way you can monitor your dog easily from any angle in the room. As a dog’s safety always comes first, make sure the collapsible dog cages you choose are made of strong, non-toxic materials that won’t rust.

Also, consider sturdy designs with multiple access points as they provide dogs with multiple entrances which are especially good for older dogs with mobility issues. Moreover, having a top door for small dogs and young puppies will allow you to easily reach in and scoop them up when you need to clean out their crates.

Take Care and Do Regular Maintenance

You’ll want to make cleaning the crate as simple as possible because it may get dirty rather quickly, especially when potty training is taking place and accidents are more probable. The easiest-to-clean crates are constructed of metal and plastic.

Additionally, the cleaning time is significantly reduced by collapsible wire boxes with a pull-out tray. Besides an easy-to-clean plastic coating over an aluminium and steel frame, some crates may also come with a base that has a handy pull-out tray that slips out for simple cleaning.

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