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Moving with Pets: How a Pet Ground Transport Service Can Make Things Easier


Moving with Pets: How a Pet Ground Transport Service Can Make Things Easier

You know the old saying – Home is where the heart is. And if you’re a pet owner, a large part of your heart is reserved for the little being running around, showering you with unconditional love. So, when the time comes to change your whereabouts, it’s only obvious that you want your little furry friend to come with you.

However, when you’re planning your move, you have thousands of details to worry about. Throw a pet to the mix, and it gets even more overwhelming. So, if you’re worried about your move and making the proper preparations for you and your pet, an experienced pet ground transport company can ease your anxiety and take some of the stress out of the equation.

Companies that deal in pet ground transport provide door-to-door service which makes it extremely convenient to ship your little companion. In a way, it’s like calling a cab for your pet, with the added benefit that the animal will have its every need met from being fed to taking breaks so that it can stretch its legs. While arriving at the end point at the shortest time possible is not the priority of pet transport services, ensuring animals are comfortable and safe sure is.

What’s more, if you’ve never travelled with a pet, your vehicle might not be suitable, and you may lack the necessary transportation crate. So, instead of wasting time to find a large enough vehicle and an appropriate crate, the pet transport service will take care of all these things. In fact, there are special vehicles used for animal transport which are required by law to be climate-controlled and comfortable. The pet ground transport company will also make sure that your pet is placed in a travel kennel suitable to its size with the necessary air ventilation and room for the animal to stand, turn around and lie down.

Although the experts will take care of most things for you, you also need to prepare your pet prior to its trip. If the animal has never been out on the road, it can experience anxiety and fear during its first ride. With that being said, if you can, try to get your pet accustomed to road travel by taking it for short rides. You can also try placing your pet’s favourite toy or a shirt that smells like you inside the kennel for comfort. You may also consider investing in products with a calming effect such as a pheromone collar or lavender oil which you can sprinkle inside the kennel right before the trip.

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