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The Whole Story About Electric Dog Fences: What Are Their Benefits?


The Whole Story About Electric Dog Fences: What Are Their Benefits?

To people who have been owning a dog for a very long time, electric fences are a familiar thing, but for newbies, invisible fences may not be that common. Unlike traditional fences, which can take up a lot of space in your backyard, electric dog fences are buried underground. By planting a wire around the chosen area and attaching a radio transmitter to the collar od your dog, you will create a barrier that no one can notice, except your dog. It is a hidden fence that has a lot of benefits, here are some of them.

Cost and maintenance

Apart from saving you space, electric dog fences will also save you money as they are a much less expensive option compared to traditional fencing. But that’s not all – besides paying less money for this fence, you will also never need to refinish it, restain it, replace it or repaint it again, which will save you a great amount of money and time in the long run. The only maintenance this fencing needs is battery replacement. If the company you bought the fence from has a mailing program, you can simply contact them and ask them to send you batteries.


When it comes to flexibility, invisible fencing will provide you with more installation options compared to traditional types. You can install it whenever you want and you are not limited to the perimeter of your backyard. Also, you can put it around a flowerbed or a garden in order to keep your plants and vegetables protected from your dog. If you have a big garden, you can install the fence building a lawn-within-a-lawn that will help you control the movement of your pet. In case you already have traditional fencing but still want to install an invisible one to prevent your pet from escaping, then you can install it around the border of the physical one.


Depending on how your backyard is arranged, there may be some places that are hard to reach and even harder to install a fence. For example, sharp corners, places around trees or the neighbours’ pre-existing fence – can all lead to installation problems. But this won’t be a problem if you decide to install an invisible pet fence. Instead, you can install it anywhere you want and even take it with you in case you move to another house. All you need to do is dig it up and take it. It is a perfect solution for homes where traditional fencing is not allowed, providing you peace of mind that your dog will not escape and will be safe from harm.

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